E&M Combustion brings to Expobiomasa 2023 its prototype hydrogen burner and air draught burners

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E&M Combustión brings to Expobiomasa 2023 its prototype hydrogen burner and air draught burners, which respond to the need to provide the industry with innovative equipment with low NOx emissions and adapted to customer requirements. The fair, dedicated to biomass professionals, will take place in Valladolid, between May 9 and 11, 2023.

Prototype Hydrogen burner and air draught burners - E&M Combustion

The Spanish engineering and manufacturing company E&M Combustión develops burners “on demand” according to the specific requirements of the client’s plants. Its philosophy of continuously investing in R+D+i activities allows it to develop equipment with low NOx emissions, installations that can use gas mixtures, and create hydrogen, biogas, or mixed burners, with automatic variable regulation.

Hydrogen Burners and air draught burners

Hydrogen burner prototype and air draught burners. Within the framework of the fair, the company will present a prototype of a specific hydrogen burner to operate with this fuel, aimed at converting thermal installations and boiler rooms in industries and service buildings into sustainable ones, allowing their decarbonization and the reduction of emissions. The project has involved the development of innovative technologies that are more efficient and less polluting than those currently operating in industry and in the field of power generation.

Thus, hydrogen burners become solid protagonists of the energy transition. They represent an evolution of traditional combustion systems and allow for higher energy efficiency to be achieved with combustion that eliminates all CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. For its part, its use together with other fuels, such as natural gas (mixed or multi-fuel burners), considerably reduces the emission of these greenhouse gases.

Heating of service buildings and decarbonisation of the industry

The use of hydrogen in industry provides new tools to eliminate CO2, which is largely responsible for climate change.

In parallel with the industrial line of hydrogen burners, E&M Combustion will soon carry out the test of this technology on a scale with “ecological” burners for domestic use in service buildings, such as hotels, laundries or community facilities, which do not require large consumption.

The hydrogen burner prototype presented at Expobiomasa is designed to operate solely with hydrogen or to operate with a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas for use in district heating installations for heating buildings and large areas. Likewise, the hydrogen and gas mixture alternative has been tested by E&M Combustión and is highly viable for the near future. It consists of a mixture of hydrogen, with 15%-20% of natural gas, with which the enriched mixture increases the calorific value and achieves a more stable and efficient combustion. This mixture also makes it possible to improve flame detection, a great challenge with the exclusive use of hydrogen as fuel, due to its invisibility characteristics to the human eye.Air draught burner components - E&M Combustion

Air draught burners

E&M Combustion endorses its air draught burners as the optimal solution for multiple applications in the industrial sector, for those cases where there are drying processes for different products and direct heating is required.

Among these applications, they are used especially in the food and grain industry, paint booths and the ceramic, glass, plastic and textile sectors or the heating of warehouses by direct heating.

E&M Combustion manufactures industrial air draught burners tailored for each specific application, so that they adapt to the different ducts where they will be installed. Among their qualities, these burners have a high modulation range, high flame stability and energy efficiency, and are very easy to operate and maintain. In addition, it is equipment that allows the elimination of the combustion chamber and adapts well to working in environments of high temperatures and dusty environments.

Air vein burners are usually supplied in two different types depending on the processes. On the one hand, there are those units that incorporate a primary combustion air fan, and those that simply use grills that are inserted into a duct.

E&M Combustion is also in charge of supplying the duct where the secondary heating air goes for both types of burners.

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