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Combustion equipment for cement plants in Poland, Montenegro and the USA

Posted on: 24 / 11 / 2020 | 0 Comentarios

E&M Combustión, a company specialized in the development of combustion technologies for the industrial sector, is participating in the installation of four projects for cement plants developed by Loesche in Poland, Montenegro and the United States. The Spanish engineering company will design and manufacture the combustion equipment for cement plants to operate in the hot gas generators aimed at optimize the cement drying process.  

Combustion equipment for the Waad Al-Shamal solar-gas hybrid plant in Saudi Arabia

Posted on: 10 / 11 / 2020 | 0 Comentarios

E&M Combustión, a Spanish engineering company specialized in the development of combustion technologies for the industrial sector, has delivered the industrial burners for the Waad Al-Shamal project, a hybrid solar-gas plant that will use combined cycle and solar technologies.  

Basque Country: 7,234 km² that concentrate 400 companies of the Energy Value Chain

Posted on: 25 / 10 / 2020 | 0 Comentarios

When Michael Porter arrived in the Basque Country in the 1990s, this Harvard Business School (HBS) professor, director of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, and pioneer of the theory of industrial clusters, he encountered the economic situation of this territory going through traumatic moments, with the crisis and subsequent reconversion of its hitherto most thriving industrial fabric: blast furnaces and shipbuilding, steel mills and paper mills.  

Green Hydrogen mega projects underway

Posted on: 28 / 08 / 2020 | 0 Comentarios

Throughout 2020, numerous mega projects of Green Hydrogen plants have been unveiled, an attractive fuel within the field of clean and sustainable energies, which allows generating electricity, and therefore facing the challenges of climate change and of the decarbonization of the economy. Hydrogen is a chemical component present in materials and compounds, which can almost never be found alone and requires procedures to achieve its extraction. (E&M Combustion designs and manufactures burners and combustion systems that operate with hydrogen as fuel and mixed burners to operate with a mixture of hydrogen and other fuels).  

Iñigo Béjar: “We will continue to generate combustion technologies to reduce emissions and improve efficiency”

Posted on: 27 / 07 / 2020 | 0 Comentarios

We speak to Iñigo Béjar, CEO of E&M Combustion, about climate change, generation of new combustion technologies and trends in reducing emissions and opening up to alternative fuels, including hydrogen, which in his opinion are called to be the element of transition towards renewable energy to combat climate change. "The strategic commitment of E&M Combustion will continue to be the dramatic reduction of NOx emissions, generating increasingly innovative equipment, providing technologies and systems aimed at improving efficiency and minimizing emissions," he says.  

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