Modernization of the Pljevlja thermal power plant in Montenegro

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The Spanish company E&M Combustion participates in the modernization of the only existing thermal power plant in Montenegro, located in Pljevlja. The work of Artea thermal engineering company consists of the supply of two combustion systems for the auxiliary boilers of the thermal installation, which will be responsible for cleaning the turbine.

Argentine thermal power plant with combustion systems from E&M Combustion - Modernization of the Pljevlja thermal power plant in Montenegro

This power generation plant, belonging to the company Elektroprivreda Crne Gore, has 225 MW of power, and is located in the north of Montenegro, near the border with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is currently immersed in the remodeling of its facilities with the aim of aligning with European Union regulations on particle emissions, especially with regard to nitrogen and sulfur.

The investment and execution project for the plant, which runs on lignite, corresponds to a consortium led by the Chinese company Dongfang Electric International Corporation. The company plans to complete the modernization of the plant in the last days of this year.

The Spanish compay E&M Combustión will deliver the two combustion systems of the auxiliary boilers next September. To this end, it will carry out the design and manufacture of four JBM-HP 11,500 FO model burners, with low emissions (LOW NOx), which will operate with fuel oil as fuel together with the steam generators of the plant from the manufacturer TipoKotlgradna. On the other hand, Termotim Sombor engineering company will be responsible for local negotiations project and installation.

Modernization of the Pljevlja thermal power plant

The installation supplied by E&M Combustión is completed with the pumping system, valve skids, gas ramps and control systems. Likewise, the combustion systems developed will have fuel preheating systems, through an automatic degassing system, aimed at improving energy efficiency.

The Pljevlja power generation plant belongs to the company Elektroprivreda Crne Gore. It is an integrated power plant next to the nearby lignite mine, where most of the coal used comes from. The thermal plant supplies almost half of the country’s electricity, and is currently immersed in the modernization of its facilities with the aim of maintaining its operation and extending its useful life after its operating period expires. Although the country maintains the transition towards more sustainable energy options on the horizon, the modernization of the thermal plant is considered necessary to guarantee its energy reliability, especially in winter.

E&M Combustión

As industrial combustion engineering company, E&M Combustión develops innovative combustion technologies to operate with all types of fuels, both conventional and alternative fuels made to measure, such as hydrogen and biogas. The company was created in 2024, focused on the design of burners with low polluting emissions that lead to energy savings. Currently, E&M Combustion equipment is operational in more than thirty countries.


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