E&M Combustion develops a biogas-natural gas dual burner for a food company

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E&M Combustion, a “custom-made” combustion equipment design and manufacturing company, develops a biogas-natural gas dual burner for a company in the Spanish Levante food sector.

The combustion equipment designed by E&M Combustion will thus respond to the process optimization, environmental sustainability and circular economy plans of the agri-food company. In this regard, the factory is immersed in a project to extend biogas, a renewable gas that comes as the preferred fuel in its production facilities, with the aim of minimizing the consumption of fossil fuels, such as natural gas. Also, in the same operation, it is proposed to ensure the energy efficiency of the facility and comply with environmental standards.

Biogas-natural gas dual burner

With this objective, E&M Combustion will carry out the development and installation of a biogas-natural gas dual burner with an automatic variable ratio, which will reduce the consumption of natural gas. The type of burner selected is a JBD 6000 model to operate with hot air, with low NOx emissions. The equipment will have the ability to automatically regulate the transition from one fuel to another, depending on their availability at the plant.

The biogas-natural gas dual burner is scheduled to be installed and put into service from next October, with a 4-tonne steam boiler at a pressure of 12 bars.

Features of JBD burners

The new generation JBD burners are used to work with all types of liquid and gaseous fuels. The standard range includes burners for traditional fuels such as diesel, natural gas and LPG, fuel oil and gas-diesel, gas-fuel oil and gas-biogas dual burners. The company also carries out special executions to burn recycled oils and other types of alternative fuels, such as hydrogen.

These are equipment prepared to overcome high overpressures in the combustion chamber, which use a double air register and have low NOx emissions. E&M Combustion designs different types of heads to achieve equipment with different flame lengths and shapes depending on the adjustment of the air registers.


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