E&M Combustión drives Energy Efficiency in the Cement Industry

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In an effort to improve energy efficiency in the cement industry and reduce emissions, E&M Combustión, a leading engineering company in the development of Industrial Combustion technologies, has launched an innovative burner designed specifically for a vertical cement mill, corresponding to a mining company from southern Poland. This initiative marks a significant milestone in the search for sustainable solutions within the cement sector.

Energy Efficiency in the Cement Industry - E&M Combustion

The new burner incorporates cutting-edge technology to optimize combustion and maximize the use of energy resources, proceeding to dry the mineral in the grinding installation. By implementing this JBM-HP 2500 burner that runs on propane as fuel in the vertical cement mill, it is expected to achieve a notable reduction in fuel consumption, as well as a significant decrease in polluting emissions.

The JBM-HP range of burners registers low NOx emissions and a reduced noise level, by incorporating a silencer in the air intake of the fan. The equipment in this family is prepared to overcome high combustion chamber overpressures and incorporate electronic control units as standard that allow the use of frequency converters to regulate the fan and O2 probes.

Energy Efficiency in the Cement Industry

“We are proud to present this innovative solution that represents a step forward in the cement industry towards sustainability and energy efficiency,” stated Iñigo Béjar, executive director of E&M Combustión. “Our goal is to offer technologies that not only improve the performance of industrial plants, but also contribute to the protection of the environment.”

The start-up of the burner for the vertical cement mill has generated great interest among key players in the sector, who recognize the importance of adopting more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. This innovation is expected to drive a new wave of investment in energy-saving technologies within the cement industry, promoting more sustainable and responsible development in the long term.

Over the last year, E&M Combustión has delivered hot gas generators for the optimization of the cement industry, as well as burners for companies in this sector, which have been installed in the United States, Morocco, Mali, Poland or Macedonia. Currently, vertical cement mills are the most widely used grinding equipment in crushing, drying and grinding processes. The ore drying process using generators and burners is incorporated into this type of grinding equipment, along with the crude oil grinding and cement grinding processes, so that these compact units reduce environmental pollution, while reducing the noise, generated dust and waste.

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