Development of an air vein burner for the candy sector

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E&M Combustion develops a JVA air vein burner for the candy sector. Today we participate in the sweetest industry, confectionery, with the implementation of drying equipment in a production line in the candy sector.

Air vein burner for the candy sector - E&M Combustion

The air vein burner for the candy sector designed by E&M Combustión, an engineering company that develops combustion technologies, consists of a piece of equipment  JVA 60, that uses natural gas and that is responsible for carrying out the drying process by direct heating in the production plant.

Candy is a food prepared generally based on molten sugar, specifically it is the mixture of water with sugar and glucose. The final product is obtained by cooking sugars, which gives rise to both liquid and solid candies.

In the manufacturing process, water is combined with sugar and glucose in the right proportions to generate syrup, which is then cooked at high temperatures, between 140ºC and 170ºC. The air vein burner produces rapid evaporation, eliminating the water present in the cooked syrup, leaving behind a caramel paste that can be modeled in its final form. The cooling causes the crystallization of the mass, forming the resulting rigid candy before its packaging process.

JVA air vein burner for the candy sector - E&M Combustion

Air vein burners by E&M Combustión

Air vein burners are mainly used in applications in the industrial sector when direct heating is necessary, such as some food processes, cereals, the ceramic and paint industry, plastic materials, glass, the textile sector, paint booths, etc. or facilities heating systems by direct heating. Processes where there is a mixture of products from combustion with primary air are used.

E&M Combustión designs and manufactures custom air burners for each application, adapting to the different ducts where it is going to be installed. The equipment may or may not have a fan, depending on the requirements, or use air vein grills. Among its main advantages are the high range of modulation handled by the equipment, so they are well adapted to work in high-temperature and dusty environments, and the high stability of the flame.





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