UPV/EHU students win an international chemical process simulation championship

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Chemical process simulation. Aritz Fraga and Aimar Martin, 3rd-year Chemical Engineering students at the UPV/EHU, have won first place in ‘”Best simulation in a stable state on  clean fuels”‘, within the “Aveva International Chemical Process Simulation

Chemical process simulation on clean fuels - UPV/EHU - E&M Combustion

The desire to put into practice what they learned in the subject of Process and Product Engineering (PPI) has motivated the putting into practice of what they learned in the subject to approach a “true problem”, the students assure UPV sources /EHU.

The championship is held over three months and is divided into three categories, in which the winner of each of them wins a cash prize of 1,000 dollars. The team that achieves the best score in all three categories wins the competition and either a $3,000 prize or the opportunity to intern at Aveva.

The competition is held both in the United States and in Europe, which has allowed the aforementioned Basque university students to become winners of one of the categories, specifically the one corresponding to “Best simulation in a stable state”. The students were happy, and at the same time surprised, since their decision to present the project was to find out how advanced simulators work and to see what the projects currently proposed by companies are like. The decision has encouraged them to continue with other future projects.

Chemical Process Engineering

The subject is developed around a preliminary design project of an industrial chemical process to transform a compound as a raw material into a product with the help of a process simulator throughout the 15 weeks that the course lasts, even evaluating its viability. economic. Students work in teams created using the Belbin methodology, a technique for increasing team performance.

For the professors of the Chemical Process Engineering subject, Eva Epelde and Asier Aranzabal, this 2022 award, and the second place obtained in 2021 by two other students of the subject, is an accolade to the success of the methodology of teaching that they have implemented, based on learning by carrying out projects in teams. Their teachers see in this modality a clear improvement in student motivation through this practical vision.

Combustion Technologies

E&M Combustión develops Innovative Combustion Technologies, with equipment and systems that provide specific and à la carte solutions for Industrial Combustion processes. The company develops burners with low polluting emissions that allow significant energy saving to be achieved.

As an industrial combustion engineering company, E&M Combustión develops Combustion Technologies to offer gas burners, diesel oil, mixed burners and alternative fuel burners, made “to measure”. The company is an international benchmark in ATEX and NEC Burners, Hot Gas Generators and Combustion Equipment for alternative fuels such as Hydrogen and Biogas.

In the field of oil and petrochemical, the company has specially developed equipment for its application in oil installations and processing plants.



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