E&M Combustion develops Mixed Fuel Burners for a dairy farm in Indonesia

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Spanish engineering company E&M Combustion has developed two Mixed Fuel Burners that will operate at the PT Global Dairi Alami plant, located in the town of Kalijati, Dawan District, in the Indonesian region of West Java. It is an integrated dairy production farm, consisting of a 6,000-cow farm, associated with the milk production factory, together with the milk distribution activity to the consumer and the biogas generation to use itself.

Mixed Fuel Burners at PT Global Diary | E&M Combustion

The project is part of the government initiative to gradually replace milk imports, which currently cover 80% of local needs. With the start-up of the plant, production will supply up to 40% of local demand.

Characteristics of Mixed Fuel Burners 

The combustion equipment designed by E&M Combustion for this installation consists of new-generation JBM 4,500-G2LO industrial burners, with a power of 450-4500 KW and reduced Low NOx emissions. The equipment will use the biogas generated in the facility itself as fuel.

In fact, the burners have 4 modes of operation: they can operate only with natural gas as fuel, with diesel, or with mixtures of natural gas-biogas and with diesel-biogas. Thus, depending on the availability of the client, the burners can only operate with biogas or change to a variable mixture, with an automatic adjustment, without the need for a technical operator to make any adjustments to the program.

The burners are associated with two steam boilers of 2,100 Kw supplied by the company TPK Orometal, while the commissioning of the installation has corresponded to Integral Combustion Solutions (Soluciones Integrales de Combustión XXI).

Integrated dairy production 

The initiative of the Global Dairy Alami PT company is aimed at the progressive substitution of dairy imports to Indonesia, for which the company acquired 6,000 Holstein cows from Australia, a type of cattle that stands out for its high milk production. The complex occupies 50 hectares and is made up of the dairy farm, the milk production and packaging factory, the distribution process and the generation of biogas for its own use. In addition, it will establish collaboration agreements with local farmers that provide food for livestock, especially corn, thus expanding their social and economic involvement in the environment.

The project is led by Global Dairi Alami PT, a subsidiary of the Djarum Group, with interests in the food and beverage and tobacco sectors, among others. In this way the conglomerate enters the milk sector, whose demand in the country grows by approximately 15% per year.

E&M Combustion references on Food and Beverages

E&M Combustion designs and manufactures industrial burners and high-tech combustion equipment adapted to the needs of its client, which allow to provide specific solutions in the processes of Industrial Combustion. The Technology and Knowledge of this engineering allow it to develop burners with low pollutant emissions and significant energy savings.

In the food and beverage industry, E&M Combustion has taken part in the development of combustion equipment for processes of companies such as La Casera, Damm, Puleva, Celtic Milk or Diageo, as well as in food dryers and greenhouses in different parts of the world . The company also works for the Petrochemical and Refinery, Energy Generation, Biomass and Thermosolar plants sectors, among others.

Have a look to the assembly and commissioning project video 

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