Solar energy projects in Egypt

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Egyptian government plans to get 20% of the country’s energy from renewable sources by 2020.

It has therefore launched procedures to encourage investment and facilitate the process of obtaining permits to build power plants using renewable energy.

The government has received offers from both local private companies for the implementation of 20 production projects for solar energy cost of 30,000 million dollars, which will add 20,000 MW to the grid in just two years, according to Mohammed Al-Yamani, spokesman for the Minister of Electricity and Energy.

Egypt is the largest producer of non-OPEC oil and the second largest producer of natural gas. However, it is also the largest consumption of oil and natural gas in Africa. Until 2013, these sources accounted for 94% of total consumption of energy consumption and current renewable energy represent only 1% of the total energy mix.

In this context, the Egyptian government is willing to support renewable energy programs and projects to meet the annual demand growth and free up their reserves to other more beneficial uses.

Given its ideal location in the area of ​​”sun-belt”, the solar energy is an obvious choice to help Egypt achieve its renewable energy goals. The country enjoys direct sunlight between 2,000 and 3,200 kW / h / m2 / year in the wider area and has thus expanding opportunities for solar projects prove substantial.

Among the major projects underway include the Terra Sola, with an investment of 3,500 million; Energy Investmente FAS (3,500 million), the Benban (200 million) and Access program Intra Africa (from 500 to 750 million).

For all these initiatives, the event organizers North Africa Solar Power Conference, to be held in Cairo from 8 to 11 February, will be a good occasion to convene stakeholders in the area of ​​renewable energies.

E&M Combustion is a Spanish combustion engineering with extense activity on the field of Solar Energy. Among it participation  on solar energy projects there are several as solar power plant of Nooro 1, Ashalim Solar thermal plant in Israel or Bookport thermal solar plant in South Africa.

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