E&M Combustion supplies burners to solar power plant NOORo 1 in Morocco

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Burners for solar power plant Nooro 1 |industrial burners | Ouarzazate Morocco | E&M CombustionBurners for solar power plant Nooro 1. E& M Combustion has been awarded the supply of two light oil burners of 40MW located in two thermal oil vertical boilers of 36MW for the renewable energy solar power plant NOORo1, built as turnkey project by the consortium SENER, TSK and Acciona in Ouarzazate in southern Morocco.

With a planned capacity of 160 MW, the plant, which involves a total investment exceeding 500 million euros, is a key project in the development of renewable energy in the region and represents one of the first developments with this technology and power made in Morocco and one of the most important in the entire African continent.

Burners for solar power plant Nooro 1

Burners designed by the spanish company E&M Combustion are prepared to work with preheated air up to 200 ° C and also to get some very restrictive levels of nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx). To do this, these burners use a  flue gas recirculation system (FGR) as a method to get further reductions of emissions. The burners, which burn diesel fuel, are used for auxiliary support functions; like during the commissioning and safe operation mode.

NOORo1 is the first project of its kind in Morocco. It is also the first of its kind in the world in terms of production capacity (160 MW) plant and is the first of the six plans that include solar energy in this country defined by the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (Masen). Within this framework, the NOORo complex is set to become a solar energy park of 500 megawatts, which will incorporate four solar power plants on a commercial scale using various solar technologies. It will become the largest solar thermal complex in the world in 2017 when it enters in commercial operation.

E&M Combustion

E & M Combustion is a Spanish company founded in 2004 and is specialized in the design and manufacture of industrial burners with innovative technologies with low emissions and tailored to the needs of its customers, enabling significant energy savings. It operates mainly in the energy, petrochemical, oil & gas and part of the food industry.

(Photo courtesy of SENER)

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