Global World: E&M Combustion Internationalization process

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Internationalization process. The engineering and manufacturing company E&M Combustión emerged in 2004 with its sights set on the international market and the vocation of offering specific innovative solutions for industrial combustion processes.

With a long history in Industrial Combustion and through a strong investment commitment in R+D+i, the company oriented, from its inception, its market to Latin American countries, the United States, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, as well as several countries on the African and European continent. 

“Our commercial action is supported by the offices that we have established in China and India”, explains its general director, Iñigo Béjar, who adds that currently 70% of the turnover obtained by the company goes to foreign markets.

With a philosophy oriented towards the development of innovative prototypes and a “rapid ability to adapt its designs to the “customer’s needs”, the company’s main objective is to achieve “the highest energy efficiency and the lowest level of polluting emissions in the processes of its clients”, highlights Béjar.

Internationalization process

Its ‘recipe’ to successfully tackle the internationalization process is based on a “deep knowledge” of combustion foreign markets in which the company has been able to detect critical niches with high performance and security requirements. Precisely, one of the added values ​​that distinguishes E&M Combustion from the competition is that its combustion equipment “is not standardized, but is developed on demand and based on the specific applications of each facility”, he details.

To this strategy, the firm adds “always be one step ahead” when it comes to compliance with environmental regulations, since they design equipment “with very low atmospheric emissions” and innovate in terms of industrial combustion. In its two decades in search of new markets, the company has had to overcome the existing cultural differences in its destination countries in order to introduce its equipment. “There are countries that we have had to pamper for a long time before achieving tangible results,” acknowledges Béjar.

Difficulties that the company has solved with the support of the chambers of commerce and institutions that have given them support to travel and participate in the main fairs and international missions related to their sector. Looking ahead to 2023 and the immediate future, Spanish engineering is working on the development of a new generation of combustion equipment that runs on alternative fuels, such as hydrogen and biogas. “Our next objective is to open a technical office in India in charge of supporting projects in the Southeast Asia area.”

Source:  Estrategia Empresarial Internationalization Dossier

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