Update of the boiler room in a nuclear power plant

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E&M Combustión has carried out the update of the boiler room in a nuclear power plant, for which it has carried out the replacement of the old burner with a new one, low in NOx emissions. and has proceeded to change the control of the auxiliary boiler, modifying the safety of the equipment, as well as changing the electrical panel.

In this first phase of the operation undertaken past August, the industrial burner manufacturing company has installed a JBD 11,500 Low NOx burner to operate with diesel as fuel.

Thermal engineering company Soluciones Integrales de Combustión has participated in the update of the boiler room in a nuclear power plant, with the commissioning of the facilities, ready to face the recharging of the plant scheduled in the coming weeks.

JBD Burners

E&M Combustión designs and manufactures the new generation of JBD industrial burners capable of operating with all types of liquid and gaseous fuels. The standard range includes burners for traditional fuels such as diesel, natural gas and L.P.G. or fuel oil, as well as mixed gas-diesel and gas-fuel oil burners. The company also carries out special executions to operate with biogas, recycled oils and other types of alternative fuels, such as hydrogen.

One of the main characteristics of this type of equipment is the low NOx emissions it produces and the double air register. Combustion equipment can achieve different flame lengths and shapes depending on the adjustment of the air registers and the manufacture of different types of heads, so that the flames of the equipment adapt to the different fireplaces or combustion chambers.

On the other hand, the JBD family burners are prepared to overcome high combustion chamber overpressures, and can operate with preheated air up to 400 ºC.

The philosophy of E&M Combustión is based on designing high-tech industrial burners, adapted to the client’s needs, which provide specific solutions in Industrial Combustion processes. To achieve this, the company develops technologies with low polluting emissions that, at the same time, allow significant energy savings.

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