Low NOx burner for an asphalt plant in Serbia

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E&M Combustion, an Spanish engineering company specialized in industrial combustion processes, will supply a Low NOx burner for an asphalt plant in Serbia, which will operate with liquid fuel. The new 11.5 MW burner will replace the current obsolete burner, and will operate with this type of fuel to optimize the drying process of the aggregated material.

Asphalt plant - Low Nox Burner - E&M Combustion

For this application in a trommel at the asphalt plant, E&M Combustión will design and manufacture a latest generation JBD burner, capable of operating with all types of liquid and gaseous fuels. This family of JBD equipment is prepared to overcome high overpressures in the combustion chamber, and can work with fuels such as oil, natural gas and LPG, fuel oil or mixed gas-diesel and gas-fuel oil burners, according to customer demand. The engineering company also carries out special executions for the burning of biogases, recycled oils and other types of alternative fuels, such as hydrogen.

In this asphalt plant project in Serbia, the local company Termotim will be in charge of carrying out the assembly and commissioning process of the facility.

Optimization of the drying process in asphalt plants

Asphalt plants are where aggregates, minerals and bitumens are mixed to produce asphalt, which is later used in the construction of roads, highways, airports, ports and others.  

One of the main sections in an asphalt plant is precisely the drying system that controls the capacity of the machine since, depending on the percentage of moisture contained in the aggregate, the drying operation will be more or less fast.

For this reason, the JBD burner will function as a key process in the aggregates drying and heating system, where moisture will be extracted after the pre-dosing and mixing phases. After removing moisture, the bucket elevator carries the hot, dry materials to the top of the tower for dosing, which is the main hub of the plant. Here the process continues with the dust collector, exhaust chimney, hot material elevator, screening unit, hot hoppers, weighing box, mixing unit, mine filling tank, hot asphalt cement tank and weighing asphalt tank. 

 JBD Burners characteristics

Among the main characteristics of the JBD burners are the use of a double air register and the low level of NOx emissions. This type of equipment achieves different lengths and flame shapes depending on the adjustment of the air registers and the manufacture of different types of heads, so that the flames are adapted to the different fireplaces or combustion chambers in which they operate. Duoblock equipment is manufactured between 1,000 and 85,000 KW.

This family of burners works with air preheated up to 400 ºC, and they are manufactured in accordance with the European regulations EN 267 and EN 676. In the case of the use of liquid fuels, it can operate either with an air or steam atomization system.


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