E & M Combustion is awarded a contract in Honduras to supply a hot gas generator for a cement plant

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Generador de gases calientes para cementera | Quemadores | Camara de Combustion | E&M CombustionE & M Combustion, an engineering company specialized in the design and manufacture of combustion equipment and systems for industrial applications, has been awarded a contract to supply a hot gas generator for the cement industry in Honduras. Cemengal, a contractor specialized in the cement industry, has developed the project of this plant. The hot gas generator will be applied to the crushed aggregate drying in mills. The facility will be located in the town of San Pedro Sula.

E & M Combustion will supply this cement plant with a 1.5 MW hot gas generator designed to use in the production process. The equipment will work with diesel or fuel oil as fuel. The cement plant will use it in the generation of hot air for the drying of crushed aggregate in the mills. These hot gases are required in the minerals dryers to reduce their humidity to the required levels for further processing in the plant and optimization of their manufacturing process.

The complete equipment is designed and built “to measure”, according to the needs of the installation. The double chamber hot gas generator will generate a flow of 23,000 cubic meters / hour of gases at 225 º C. The work of E & M Combustion in this project consists of the supply of the combustion chamber, as well as the burner, the dilution air fan that allows adjusting the hot gas outlet temperature, and the electronic control, also developed by the company itself.


The engineering company has carried out in its factory the performance tests of the generator with real fire. The equipment is currently traveling by sea for its transfer and installation in the plant.

Installed in the heart of the gas generator, the burner EM-125 FOM was designed by E & M Combustion to guarantee the air-gas mixture with a complete and stable combustion. The complete equipment installation in the cement plant will be by the end of this year or the beginning of 2019.


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E & M Combustion

E & M Combustion is a combustion engineering company with an extensive experience, located in the Spanish polygon of Bildosola (Artea). It is specialized in the development of innovative combustion technologies that provide value to its customers, such as the design and manufacture of industrial burners and hot gas generators, with low pollutant emissions and adapted to the needs of its customers, which allows considerable savings of energy. It operates mainly in the energy generating, petrochemical, oil & gas and part of the food and



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