Combustion technology for the Bodun Biotechnology biomass plant

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E&M Combustion participates with the contribution of its industrial combustion technology for the Bodun Biotechnology biomass plant, in Henan. Spanish thermal engineering has developed the specific burner that will feed the project’s combustion chamber, classified as key by the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Industrial combustion technology for the new Chinese biomass plant Bodun Biotechnology - E&M Combustion


This is a circular economy project of the Chinese group, which has a marked technological accent, thanks to its BIOTOC® patent, through which it will produce 40,000 tons of fuel per year from corn straw and other agricultural waste to generate thermal energy from industrial and civil heating use. The plant is located in the industrial zone of Anyang town, located in the north of Henan province.

This industrial application will consist of the production of pellet fuel through a continuous low-temperature pyrolysis process, which will allow biomass waste to be torrefied to convert it into briquetted charcoal fuel. This process provides optimized drying and compaction properties for use in combustion.

In this way, the pyrolysis process of corn straw and its subsequent conversion into stable pellets favors the large-scale sustainable energy logistics chain, facilitating its transportation and storage to promote its thermal use. The installation is aimed at providing a solution to problems such as environmental pollution and the energy crisis.

Biomass plant through a continuous pyrolysis process at low temperature - E&M Combustion


Key project for Chinese Academy of Engineering

In 2014, Bodun Technology company developed “BIOTOC® low-temperature continuous carbonization of biomass”, which was listed as high technology and key technology promotion project by Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology. Likewise, this technology and application has been recognized by the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The initiative has requested 17 national invention patents.

The project is aligned with China’s policy of prohibiting the traditional burning of straw in crop fields. The comprehensive use of this plant residue also aims to promote industrial development and improve the ecological environment, while increasing farmers’ income and sustainable agricultural development.

China’s economy is developing rapidly and energy consumption is increasing day by day. Currently, the country’s annual energy demand represents more than 20% of total world consumption. Although fossil energy – mainly oil, coal and natural gas – still plays an important role in this country, great progress is being made in replacing it with more sustainable fuels.

Combustion technology for the Bodun biotechnology biomass plant

The JBD-2000-GLO burner developed by E&M Combustion for this plant will be responsible for feeding the combustion chamber, where the fuel will be mixed with the oxidizer, generating the spark necessary to start combustion and injecting that flame generated inside the combustion chamber.

The hot gases are then passed to the catalytic oxidizer to convert the CO to CO2. Subsequently, the fan sends the hot gases to the hopper where the pellets are carbonized, to then enter tanks of bubbling water. Finally, the hot gases return, descend and re-enter the burner to be reused.

The equipment designed by E&M Combustión for this project is a duoblock burner prepared to operate with all types of liquid and gaseous fuels, and especially installations that use mixed fuels such as diesel-natural gas in this case. The choice of JBD burners from E&M Combustion is due to their ability to overcome high combustion chamber overpressures, use a double air register and have very low emissions of NOx polluting particles without loss of energy efficiency.

The combustion facility at the Anyang Bodun Biotechnology plant will be controlled by an electronic control unit, which will allow the use of frequency converters to regulate the fan and O2 probes.

E&M Combustion

Based in the town of Artea, Biscay (Spain), and active in the field of industrial combustion engineering, E&M Combustión develops innovative combustion technologies and specific equipment designed to adapt to the demand of its clients in their different production processes. The company designs “a la carte” equipment, with low polluting emissions that allow, at the same time, significant energy savings.


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