E&M Combustion designs a burner to operate with recycled oil

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E&M Combustión designs a burner to operate with recycled oil in a treatment plant dedicated to the regeneration of used industrial oils. The equipment developed by this engineering company, focused on the development of Innovative Combustion Technologies, is a mixed burner that can work with natural gas or with recycled oil as fuels, depending on the availability of the user company, thus leading to significant energy savings, given the current gas rates.

Recycled oil burner - E& Combustion

The burner to operate with recycled oil designed by E&M Combustion is a JBD 11.500-GLO model, with air atomization, which uses natural gas, with a pressure of 250 mbar, and liquid (in this case recycled oil). In this way, the project, in addition to saving energy in the plant through recycling and reuse to value waste into new resources, responds to the challenge of a new circular economy that tries to mitigate the impact of climate change.

Recycled oil and lean gas burners

Since its creation in 2004, E&M Combustión is committed to developing industrial burners and high-tech combustion systems adapted to customer needs, with the aim of providing specific solutions in industrial combustion processes. With this philosophy, the company develops combustion technologies with low polluting emissions that allow, at the same time, significant energy savings.

As industrial combustion engineering company, it provides a technical answer and “à la carte” solutions for combustion processes in industry. In addition to considering traditional fuels, E&M Combustión makes its own designs of industrial burners and combustion systems to adapt to the increasingly frequent cases of energy use of poor gases, recycled oils and other types of alternative fuels made specifically . The company is an international benchmark in ATEX and NEC Burners, Hot Gas Generators and Combustion Equipment for alternative fuels such as Hydrogen and Biogas and, with the aim of offering first-line knowledge in terms of energy efficiency and emission reduction pollutants, contributes its knowledge to contribute to the sustainable development of the environment.

JBD Burners

The JBD family burners are low temperature combustion equipment, suitable to work with all types of liquid and gaseous fuels. The standard range includes industrial burners for traditional fuels such as diesel, natural gas and G.L.P. and fuel oil and gas-diesel and gas-fuel oil mixed burners. The company also carries out special executions for the burning of biogas, recycled oils and other types of alternative fuels, such as hydrogen.

Among the main characteristics of this equipment is their preparation to overcome high combustion chamber overpressures, the double air register they use and the reduced NOx emissions.


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