Commissioning of an aggregate drying burner in Arizona, United States

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E&M Combustión has started up an aggregate drying burner in Arizona, United States, within a project led by Loesche, a German company specializing in the development of industrial facilities.

E&M Combustión, engineering specialized in the development of combustion technologies for the industrial sector, has carried out the design, manufacture and commissioning of the aggregate drying burner to operate in a hot gas generator. The equipment is a JBM-HP 20,000 compact duoblock burner with a power of 17,500 KW, which will work with propane gas as fuel, and is intended to optimize the material drying process, through the application of air heating in the mill of cement.

In the video you can see the pilot ignition of the burner.

Cement is considered an energy-intensive sector and it is making big efforts to save on raw materials, as well as in the use of alternative fuels to reduce natural resources and reduce emissions.

So, cement is manufactured by heating lime, silica, alumina, iron and other materials at high temperatures. The resulting substance is a marble-like ball called clinker that is ground up, mixed with limestone and gypsum, and used to create concrete.

Cement drying burners

In addition to this project, E&M Combustión is participating in the installation of three cement plants developed by Loesche in Poland and Montenegro. Spanish engineering designs and manufactures industrial burners to operate in hot gas generators designed to optimize the material drying process. Two of these projects will be implemented in the town of Wloclawek, located in north-central Poland. This is equipment manufactured under ATEX regulations, adapted to the specifications of the customer’s needs.

The burners supplied to this project correspond to the compact monoblock models JBM-HP-100-G-Ex and JBM-HP-150-G-Ex, with a power of 1,675 KW and 936 KW, respectively, which stand out for their low level of NOx emissions and the reduced noise level, as well as the incorporation of electronic control units as standard.

E&M Combustion hot gas generators

Among the areas of activity of E&M Combustion is the design and manufacture of hot gas generators. Hot gas generators are compact combustion chambers used in a wide variety of industrial applications, such as drying and heat exchange processes in the food and beverage industry, cement manufacturing or drying minerals, wood, etc. These units are responsible for producing gases at different temperatures starting from the combustion of different fuels such as natural gas, diesel, fuel oil, etc.

Various types of burners are used to generate these hot gases, the most common of which are pressurized air burners for liquid fuels and duct burners used for gases.

The process consists of using a burner to generate a given volume of gas, then using a dilution air fan to cool the gas to process temperature and increase the gas flow to the desired volume. The mixture is carried out in a refractory-lined combustion chamber with the aim of minimizing heat losses.

Depending on the type of application, and with the aim of further increasing performance, part of the gases used in this process are introduced back into the combustion chamber. In this way, the performance of the system is increased by reducing heat losses.


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