Visit to Manali Petrochemicals plant in Chennai, India

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We are pleased to report our recent visit to Manali Petrochemicals plant, in Chennai (India), where two industrial burners designed, manufactured and commissioned by E&M Combustion operate successfully.

Manali  Petrochemicals plant in Chennai, India | Industrial Burners | E&M Combustion

In the photo, Iñigo Béjar, General Manager of E&M Combustion, visits the facilities of the Indian petrochemical manufacturer, where their combustion equipment has been set up aimed for improving the plant´s energy efficiency

E&M Combustion Industrial Burners  at a Petrochemical plant

As acombustion engineering aimed at industrial plants, our company has extensive experience and recognized prestige in the petrochemical and refinery sector with the implementation of the most innovative equipment in terms of low emissions and improvement of energy efficiency in projects and plants of renowned international companies, such as Repsol, Pemex, Sabic or Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC).

Visit to Manali Petrochemical | Chennai, India | Iñigo Bejar | E&M Combustion

Throughout the visit, our colleagues have also had the opportunity to get to know better the city of Chennai, formerly known as Madras. Located in the Bay of Bengal in eastern India, Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu and one of the largest cities in the country, with more than 7 million inhabitants. It is a coastal town with a modern and cosmopolitan part and another much quieter and spiritual face with its temples and traditions.

Visit to Manali Petrochemicals | Chennai India | E&M Combustion

Visit to Manali Petrochemicals plant

Manali Petrochemicals Limited (MPL) is a chemical company focused on the development of innovative products since 1986. Its products are applied in a variety of sectors such as automotive, accessories, food and perfumery, furniture and paints and coatings, among others. The company’s vision is to transcend its status as a pioneer local industry to become a global supplier of chemical solutions.   

With that objective, the petrochemical company is embarking on a global growth strategy to open production plants in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Western Europe and the United States, while improving the efficiency of its plants in India. The MPL expansion plan is focused on increasing its capabilities, product development and increasing the improvement of technology that allows it to respond to its global customers. 

E&M Combustion

E&M Combustión designs, manufactures and facilitates maintenance and after-sales services of Industrial Burners and Combustion Equipment with the main objective of providing a technical response and specific solutions to combustion processes in the industry. The wide range of industrial burners that we offer allows us to provide a technical response as a solution to most of the needs presented in a company. Especially relevant in the energy, oil & gas, steel and metallurgical sectors. 

Video of the visit to Manali


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