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Air vein burner in a pistachio dryer

Posted on: 29 / 10 / 2023 | 0 Comentarios

E&M Combustión, a company dedicated to the development and manufacture of combustion systems, has installed a new air vein burner in a pistachio dryer.

The burner designed by E&M Combustion for this food plant uses propane as fuel and has fan and grill systems.

The air vein burner in a pistachio dryer is designed by the company for this application in the food industry. It is a model JVA - C 60, with a power of 698 Kw, and a flow rate of 27 Nm3, which works at a 60 bar gas pressure.

Air vein burner

Air vein burners are used in multiple applications within the industrial sector when there is direct heating.

They are mainly used in all those processes that require direct heating, that is, in which there is a mixture of products from combustion with primary air. As an example, they are mainly used in the drying processes of different products. as is the case of painting lines, the ceramic, glass and food industries (food drying), as well as process air recirculation installations.

Furthermore, industrial air vein burners are custom-made for each specific application and adapt to the different ducts where they will be installed. They present a series of advantages over conventional ones for this type of applications, among which are a high modulation range (approx. 1/20), a very stable flame and the elimination of the combustion chamber. They also adapt well to working in high-temperature and dusty environments and their operation and maintenance are very simple.

Air vein burners are usually supplied in two different ways depending on the processes, either incorporating a primary combustion air fan or through grills that are inserted into a duct. E&M Combusción is also responsible for supplying the duct where the secondary heating air goes for both types of equipment.

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