Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer System for a wood plant in Portugal

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E&M Combustión, a combustion technology development engineering company, has supplied the burner for a RTO, a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer  system for a wood plant in Portugal.

 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer System for wood plant - High temperature burners - E&M Combustion

The equipment designed by the company for this application of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer system for the wood plant in Portugal is a high temperature burner with a power of 600 KW, which will run on propane gas as fuel.

The factory’s main activity is the manufacture of wooden doors and moldings for institutional buildings and the residential sector. Currently, the company Soluciones Integrales de Combustion is undertaking the installation and start-up of this system aimed at protecting the environment.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, environmental protection

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers are environmental protection systems. They are commonly used in industrial plants for cleaning exhaust air containing hazardous air pollutants, also known as Hazardous Air Poluttant (HAP); as well as volatile organic compounds or Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and other emissions to the atmosphere, through heating with very high temperatures of the exhaust air. They are therefore regenerative thermal procedures that contribute significantly to the protection of the environment.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer technology is used in numerous applications due to its high efficiency in destroying these emissions into the atmosphere. Its use also allows the recovery of a large part of the thermal heat that is generated in the destruction of these pollutants and volatile compounds.

High temperature burners applications

High temperature burners have numerous applications in industry. Apart from the wood and chemical sector, that uses solvents, they are used in the textile, ceramic and glass industry, tank heating, in the food industry and drying processes (such as the paper sector) and in the steel and metallurgical sector. as is the case of heat treatments, metal melting or heating of billets.

E&M Combustion provides an answer for each industrial sector, through the design and manufacture of industrial burners that provide a technical answer and specific solutions for combustion processes in industry.

In addition to the use of traditional fuels, E&M Combustión executes its own designs of industrial burners and combustion systems to adapt to cases of use as an energy resource of poor gases, recycled oils and other types of alternative fuels.


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