Regenerative Thermal Oxidation System (RTO) for chemical industry in Poland

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E&M Combustion launches a Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) system designed by the Tecam company for a chemical plant in Poland. This environmental technology indicated for the treatment of industrial gases consists of a chemical reaction aimed at purifying the emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs, a type of compound that is generated in industrial processes in which organic solvents are used and which, due to its degree of danger to public health and the environment, cannot be released into the atmosphere. 

Regenerative Thermal Oxidation System (RTO) in a chemical plant | E&M Combustion

The emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are one of the biggest environmental problems currently for many industrial sectors, because the global warming generated by Volatile Organic Compounds is even higher than that produced by CO2. VOCs are generated in a large number of industrial production processes that use organic substances, although current European environmental legislation establishes maximum emission limits for the different processes affected. 

Within this Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) project, E&M Combustion has been responsible for supplying the unit’s industrial burners, as well as for commissioning the installation. 

Environmental technology for emissions treatment

Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (OTR or RTO) is the most widespread oxidation technique currently used to reduce emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds and is indicated to treat a wide variety of solvents and processes.

Among the advantages of this environmental technology is the adaptability to low, medium and high air flows and its incidence on a wide variety of volatile organic compounds or VOCs. It has a low operating and maintenance cost and high thermal efficiency. Furthermore, it does not produce any type of waste and recovers the energy generated for external processes.

 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers - E&M Combustion

What is the Regenerative Thermal Oxidation equipment? 

OTR (RTO) equipment consist of vertical towers that contain a ceramic bed where oxidation of solvents takes place. The insulation of the tower and the combustion chamber, together with the use of the most advanced ceramic materials, result in low gas consumption of the equipment for the treatment of emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds.

The conical shut-off valve system achieves very high purification efficiency, preventing untreated air leaks. This valve system also allows the equipment to remain closed during idle shifts, allowing the plant to maintain a high temperature inside the equipment and therefore a quick start-up, with low consumption of the equipment. They usually include devices, called regenerators, elements made of ceramic material, which are responsible for recovering the heat from the purified gases.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers work with a reaction temperature around 750ºC, and allow a thermal efficiency of 95%

About Tecam

Tecam Group is a Spanish company based in Barcelona, ​​dedicated to the design, manufacturing and installation of environmental technology for the treatment of emissions of volatile organic compounds or VOCs in industry. Its main activity is to offer solutions to the growing challenge of treating gas and waste emissions from production processes using proprietary technology.

About E&M Combustion

E&M Combustion is an engineering company specialized in the development and manufacture of Combustion Technologies for the industry. In addition to designing and manufacturing the combustion equipment and systems adapted to the demand of each industrial process, E&M Combustion provides specific advisory services, commissioning and after-sales services to accompany its clients throughout the installation implementation and operation process. 

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