E & M combustion participates in the modernization of a pineapple processing plant in Thailand

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Modernization of a processing plant | Thailand | Burners | E&M CombustionE & M Combustion, a Spanish  engineering specialized in Combustion Technologies, has launched an industrial burner at the pineapple processing plant in Thai Pineapple Canning Industry Company Limited, known as SAICO, which will allow this Thai company modernize their facilities with new more energy efficient equipment and managed in an automated way.

Throw the modernization of a processing plant, E & M Combustion has replaced an old combustion equipment in the factory of the group in Pranburi, replacing it with a Burner JBM 11500 FO that will operate in a boiler of steam of 10 tons / hour. The purpose of this burner is to provide the necessary energy for the operation of one of the five steam generation boilers available in this pineapple processing plant, which work with fuel oil as fuel. The production process will thus be more efficient and cleaner than it was until now.

Modernization of a processing plant

Among the innovations provided by the burner, in addition to its new generation design and its more energy efficient operation, there is the incorporation of an automated system management, compared to those previously used, less efficient and manually managed.

The work of E & M Combustion has consisted in the design of the specific burner, as well as the adjustment and commissioning of the installation, which is fully operational.

The Pranburi region, in Thailand, is focused on the cultivation of pineapple and the industry related to it, although it also has tourism less crowded than in other areas of Thailand.



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