Diversification strategy in the supply of fuels for the paper industry

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Diversification strategy in the supply of fuels in the paper industry. E&M Combustion has installed a mixed natural gas-diesel burner to operate in the paper plant of a 100% recyclable cardboard manufacturer.

The manufacturer uses recycled cardboard and paper through a manufacturing process that begins with the treatment of any impurities that the material may contain, after which the plant reprocesses and reuses the materials that are transformed into new cardboard through a manufacturing process in continuous that gives rise to coils. The cardboard is later used in the textile industry, food, etc.

Mixed natural gas-diesel burner - E&M Combustion

Mixed natural gas-diesel burner

The equipment designed by E&M Combustion to operate at the plant with two types of alternative fuels is part of the fuel supply diversification strategy being carried out by the gas-intensive company, and which is affected by the dependence on natural gas and the high costs it presents . With this measure, the company mitigates the risk of lack of natural gas supply and price volatility, which threatens the competitiveness of the plants, while diversifying its energy sources.

For this project, E&M Combustion has developed a JBM 8500 mixed natural gas-diesel burner with low NOx emissions to replace the existing equipment, which only worked with natural gas. JBM burners are made of fiberglass and covered by a casing with sound-absorbing material made of polyester, so they register a low noise level. They have a CIS ignition system and incorporate electronic control units as standard, which allow the use of frequency inverters to regulate the fan and O2 probes. The equipment has low emissions of polluting particles without losing energy efficiency.

Diversification strategy in the supply of fuels in the paper industry - E&M Combustion

Fuel supply diversification strategy

Mixed burners can operate intermittently with different types of fuel in the same installation and facilitate the alternation of fuels with independent ramps for each type of gas, depending on the evolution of market prices. In this way, and instantly, depending on the cost of each gas, the plant can use one or another fuel. In fact, gas-intensive sectors such as the metallurgy and steel industry, paper, glass, fertilizers, ceramics and textiles, as well as food, which uses natural gas in drying processes, are large energy consumers in those that decisively impact the increases in gas prices.

In this context of constant increase in the price of natural gas, the fuel resources used by the industry can be considerably attenuated with the use of mixed combustion systems, which represent an energy saving measure in times of high growth in the costs of the energy.

E&M Combustion

E&M Combustion is an Industrial Burner engineering company, that manufactures “equipment à la carte”, with the main objective of providing a technical response and specific solutions to combustion processes in industry. The varied range of industrial burners that it offers makes it possible to provide a technical response as a solution to most of the needs that arise in a company. Especially relevant in the energy generating, oil & gas, food and beverage, steel and metallurgical sectors.


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