E&M Combustion starts up a Low Nox district heating installation in China

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E&M Combustion has launched a Low Nox District Heating installation in the Beichen District of Tianjin Municipality (China), with NOx emissions below 30 mg / m3.

Low Nox District Heating in Tianjin | Low Nox Burners | E & M Combustion

The sustainability of the project is part of the combustion engineering company commitment to reduce the atmospheric emissions of its equipment, as well as the growing environmental requirement of China’s restrictive regulations, which today exceeds that existing in Europe. Recall that the current European requirements allow Nox emissions of less than 100 mg/m3.

The Tianjin Low NOx district heating installation works with a Wuxi Zozen Boilers Co boiler, with a power of 29 MW and a working pressure of 1.6 bar, equipped with a JBD 40,000 burner from E&M Combustion, with Flue Gas Recirculation System (FGR) to improve environmental protection.

Low Nox Technology

The Flue Gas Recirculation system is mainly used for the reduction of nitric oxide contained in the exhaust gas of thermal combustion processes, as is the case of industrial burners and which, more broadly, is what we know as NOx . It is a method that E&M combustion uses by adding it to its Low Nox burners when the polluting requirements are very restrictive, which allows to reduce emissions even further.

In this way, E&M Combustion joins the challenge of contributing to the improvement of air quality, with its technology, through which it designs industrial burners with flame lengths and widths “a la carte”; that is to say, depending on what their customers need, and this gives the equipment supplied by the company significant added value, unlike standard designs.

Spanish engineering company specializes in industrial combustion processes and focuses its service on the offer of services to respond to the specific needs of its customers, focusing its competitive offer on equipment adapted to the specific requirements of the plants, in a way that provides them combustion solutions.

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