Latest Patents in the Biomass sector: Technological Surveillance Bulletin

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The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) has published the Technological Surveillance bulletin corresponding to the 4th quarter of 2019, which includes the latest patents applied for in the area of ​​renewable energy, Biomass sector.

The bulletin includes patents registered in the fields of Bioenergy (solid biofuels such as pellets or biochars), Biogas, Biodiesel, Bio-jet fuels and Bioalcohols (bioethanol, biomethanol) and other biofuels, as well as patents on bioproducts, bioplastics and chemical bioproducts and pharmacists. The document is prepared by OEPM, Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, Bioplat and Ciemat.

Quemador JBD-40.000-G para quema de cascara de girasol con quemador de gas natural como combustible auxiliar | E&M Combustion

What is the latest in Biomass sector patents? Bioenergy subsector

  • Agricarbon KFT (HU) – Method and apparatus for processing biomass
  • Borregaard AS (NO) – Anti-autooxidative wood pellet binder
  • Brian Elliot (GB) – Solid fuel burner
  • Microsystemfuel SRL (IT) – Biomass auto combustion chamber
  • Nibe AB (SE) – Method for providing clean residential comfort heating
  • Original Pellet Grill Company (US) – Wood pellet burner unit with sliding floor hopper
  • Pellasx Spolska ZOO Komandytowa (PO) – Pellet burner with a rotary combustion chamber
  • Rana Sukhdepp Singh (IN) – Oil sludge based bio-fuel pellets and method thereof
  • Solonin Mark (RU) – Heating device
  • Vytauto Didziojo Univ (LT) – Faba bean waste biofuel pellets and/or sorbent, fertilizer
  • All Power Labs INC (US) – Compact gasifier-genset architecture
  • Aries Gasification (US) – Gasification reactor with discrete reactor vessel and grate and method of gasification
  • BTG Bioliquids BV (NL) – Method for pyrolysis/gasification of biomass in a plant with dipleg

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Contribution of E&M Combustion in Biomass area

E&M Combustion, engineering company specialized in Combustion Technologies, has developed a range of latest generation combustion burners for burning solid fuels of different types, whose main benefits are high energy efficiency, low ash level and CO2 reduction.
High energy efficiency biomass burners patents - Biomass sector patents - E&M Combustion  Air regulation system in a biomass burner - Biomass sector patents - E&M Combustion   Grill cleaning system of a biomass burner - E&M Combustion

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