The latest generation of JBM burners

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Latest generation of JBM burners | Gas burners | E&M CombustionThe latest generation of JBM Burners are used for all types of liquid and gas fuels. The standard range includes burners for traditional fuels, such as gas-oil, natural gas and LPG, fuel oil and combined burners for gas-gas-oil and gas-fuel oil.

E&M Combustión, by means of its R+D+i department and by the collaboration of technological centers specialized in combustion technology of different countries, has developed the latest generation of JBM burners whose principal qualities are: high energetic efficiency, low emission of pollutants and a reduced level of dB.

Furthermore, our range of latest generation of JBM burners features design and innovation of the highest quality.

We also cater for special arrangements for the combustion of biogases, recycled oils and other types of alternative fuels.

Latest generation of JBM burners: technical service and collaboration

One of the big advantages of our company is the continuous communication and cooperation with our clients. Our success in this business is based in a close collaboration and relationship with our customers by showing them how to handle our equipments and with a technical personal assistance. We are a very flexible company in this material, giving a fast answer and a good service to all problems that can happen in our installations, with an easy accessibility to our engineers.

We really take care very much this aspect of business based in the close communication and friendship with our customer.

Special specifications of JBM burners:

  • Innovative design
  • Burners with low NOx emissions
  • Low-noise burners. A casing is fitted with sound-absorbing material made of polyester
  • CIS ignition system
  • Easy-to-maintain equipment
  • Standard electronic control panels allow for the use of frequency adjusters for regulating the fan and O2 probes. Optional use of 10” screens with dedicated software for monitoring and controlling the burner. This arrangement also allows remote management and control via Ethernet
  • Easy-to-maintain equipment
  • Continuous motor cooling
  • Hydraulic block for regulating liquid fuel burners
  • The ramp on gas burners is supplied pre-assembled and fully wired
  • Liquid fuel burners are supplied with mounted pumps and pre-heating systems (fuel oil burners)
  • Manufactured according to European Standards EN 267 and EN 676

Low Nox Combustion heads

The Low NOX combustion heads are designed to reduce pollutant emissions as much as possible, which is in favour of the environment and it achieves a high level of thermal efficiency (From 91 to 94 % of the N.C.V.).

Measurements of NOx emission which are obtained by natural gas range between 80 and 100 mg/kW depending on the type of boiler.

On the outside, the burner has a sound proof covering which allows us to decrease the dB in an important manner.  The air enters from the front part of the burner.  This part of the burner is the closest to the boiler, in some cases for steam applications, it is placed under the doors of the boiler, which is where the boiler radiates the heat, because of that, the air is obtained from a much warmer section than if the inlet of the air had been placed in the back part of the burner. By doing this, we get a highly increased efficiency of combustion.

On the other hand, a low speed of air inlet has been calculated for the burners, which in addition to the acoustic cover and the fact that the motor of the fan is placed inside the device, make these burners one of quietest ones in the market.

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