E&M Combustion presents in Jiangsu its innovative industrial combustion equipment

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E & M Combustion has presented in Jiangsu, China, its more innovative Industrial Combustion Equipment, as well as its Flue Gas Recirculation Technology  (FGR) in a conference of technical diffusion and directed to its application in the industry.

E&M Combustion presents in Jiangsu its most innovative industrial combustion equipment | Industrial Burners
Innovative Industrial Combustion Equipment – E&M Combustion

The conference took place on February 13 in front of a large group of users of this type of equipment interested in knowing the technological innovations on the energy sector, in which energy efficiency and the reduction of polluting emissions represent a challenge.

Our colleague, Kerwin Pei, Commercial Director of E & M Combustion China, carried out the presentation of our firm , an engineering company specialized in the design and manufacture of “custom-made” industrial combustion equipment. Together with the FGR technologies, Kerwin introduced the new range of equipment that uses non-standard fuels.

On the other hand, on February 17, E & M Chinese Combustion had the opportunity to participate in a new conference in this region of Jiangsu, after the celebration of the Chinese New Year. On this occasion Kerwin also addressed a group composed of users of the energy sector.

Flue Gas Recirculation Technology (FGR)

Flue Gas Recirculation is mainly used for the reduction of NO (nitric oxide) contained in the exhaust gas of thermal combustion processes -as is the case of industrial burners- and that, in a broader way, is what that we know as NOx.

NO, CO (carbon monoxide) and SO2 (sulfur dioxide) are the elements that are heavily involved in today’s environmental problems in many industrialised economies, especially in countries such as China. Smog, acid rain, diseases and deforestation are just some of their effects.


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