Innovative Biomass Solutions for Industrial uses

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E & M Combustion has presented its paper “Innovative Solutions of Biomass for Industrial Uses” within the workshop “Biomass for thermal uses“, organized by the Basque Energy Agency (EVE) and the Hazi Foundation past 30th October  at the Artium Museum of Vitoria-Gasteiz. The event was attended by installers, such as engineering and architecture companies, wood sector companies and local entities interested in facilities for the use of biomass.

Innovative Biomass Solutions for Industrial Uses - Iñigo Bejar - E&M Combustion

Iñigo Béjar, General Manager of E&M Combustion, took part in the meeting within the Technological Innovations block in the Biomass area, a field in which the Spanish combustion engineering is currently developing an R&D high energy efficiency project for biomass burners, to a power up to 1,500 kW. The research and development project is carried out together with the Tecnalia technology corporation and it is part of the Hazitek Program to support business R&D. 

Technological Innovation in Biomass

To date, the company specializing in combustion technologies has developed a range of state-of-the-art biomass burners for the burning of solid fuels of different types, whose main benefits are high energy efficiency, low ash level and CO2 reduction. 

The range of biomass equipment developed by E&M Combustion in the previous phases has a power of up to 700 KW It is an alternative to traditional fuel burners and can be used with various types of fuels such as wood pellets, olive bone, etc., achieving an energy efficiency similar to gas or diesel. They can also be adapted to conventional boilers without the need to make any boiler modifications. 

Acoustic Boiler Cleaning Systems | E&M Combustion | Iñigo Bejar

Thus, the Spanish engineering proposal is set in an environment where biomass boilers are usually larger than traditional boilers, which makes it difficult to replace a traditional boiler with a biomass boiler in existing facilities. The competitive advantage provided by E&M Combustion is based on a solution that allows maintaining the same boiler, without applying any modification, just replacing the burner of the installation, which provides a versatile concept of the combustion installation.

Acoustic cleaning system

In the context of biomass for thermal uses, the presentation by Iñigo Béjar affected one of the issues that pose a challenge in installations of these characteristics, the generation of ash, dust and particles of matter deposited on the surfaces, deteriorating the life of the fundamental equipment.

The solution proposed by E&M Combustion consists in its offer of innovative Nirafon acoustic cleaning system, which remove particles from the surfaces by means of a shock with sound waves. These acoustic waves are repeated until the required cleaning results are obtained. Acoustic cleaning systems consist of a combination of different acoustic cleaners, chosen specifically for each application and controlled by an automatic system that optimizes the cleaning results. 

In this way it is possible to maintain the desired level of cleaning constantly while production processes can continue without any interruption. In fact, Nirafon acoustic cleaning systems are those with the highest energy efficiency and save costs of unnecessary shutdowns in the facilities. 

Biomass for thermal uses | E&M Combustion

Nirafon pneumatic acoustic cleaners are able to keep equipment such as superheaters, economizers, air preheaters, evaporators, filters and fans in the boiler rooms clean and prevent the formation of particle accumulations in silos and cyclones for temperatures below 1,000º C In turn, Nirafon NCSD is an innovative acoustic cleaning device for temperatures above 1,000ºC, for those high temperature areas of the boiler rooms. 

Biomass for thermal uses

The Biomass Day for thermal uses organized by EVE and the Hazi Foundation has been aimed at extending the use of wood from forests with alternative energy uses, since the Euskadi 2030 Energy Strategy proposes the promotion of efficiency and the use of existing resources. The entity promotes the use of wood through aid for investments and facilities for the use of biomass energy, such as boiler rooms, district heatings or burner substitutions. At the same time, companies are considering aid for energy efficiency through the use of biomass.

Currently, biomass is the most used renewable energy source in Spanish Basque Country. The forest area of ​​the autonomous community is abundant (400,000 hectares, with 62.6 million cubic meters) and its management offers the possibility of using wood for energy purposes, mainly for heating and sanitary hot water.

The Spanish Basque Country has proposed to increase the use of renewable energies by 125%, and in the specific case of biomass, it is expected to exceed 72% of the energy mix within 10 years, from the current 67.8% of the Renewable energy mix. In recent years, EVE has promoted thermal biomass facilities and HAZI, for its part, carries out several collaborative projects aimed at responding to the needs of the agri-food sector and the rural and marine environment, to ensure the sustainable progress of the areas rural.


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