Mixed burner for the industrial waste treatment and recovery plant

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E&M Combustion has developed a Mixed Burner to operate in an industrial waste treatment and recovery plant. The equipment is already underway in its final location, where it uses natural gas and recycled oil as fuel with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint and working on a sustainable circular economy project.

industrial waste treatment and recovey plant - Mixed burners - E&M Combustion

The facility carries out industrial waste treatment and recovery activities through distillation, rectification and evaporation processes, which allow to achieve the recovery of waste, reusing and providing a second life to raw materials, and recovering energy, with the use of the energy that the process produces.

These types of activities are aimed at preserving the environment, reducing the environmental footprint of production plants and working under criteria of a sustainable circular economy. The plant works on the recovery of industrial waste from pharmaceutical, automotive, paints and varnishes, dyes and adhesives, among others.

 Recovery of energy resources

The equipment developed by E&M Combustion for this installation is a JBD 8500 burner with air atomization -for liquid fuel- prepared to overcome high overpressures in the combustion chamber. This family of JBD burners has low NOx emissions and uses a double air register, which can achieve different flame lengths and shapes depending on both the adjustment of the air registers and the manufacture of different types of heads. The company specializes in the development of Combustion Technologies to adapt to the specific needs of its customers, which is why it manufactures combustion equipment whose flames are adapted to different fireplaces or combustion chambers.

Mixed equipment for various types of fuels

E&M Combustion designs also undertake the possibility that the same burner can use several types of fuels, simultaneously or alternately. The company develops Combustion Equipment with truly innovative and avant-garde designs, creating a very attractive product for the end customer. Its technological developments are intended to offer first-line knowledge in energy efficiency and reduction of polluting emissions, contributing to the sustainable development of the environment.


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