E&M Combustion supplies a burner for a new steam generation installation

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E&M Combustion has supplied a burner for a new industrial steam generation installation in a Spanish paper mill. The installed burner is a JBD 8500 equipment developed by the company, which works with natural gas as fuel, to generate hot air at a temperature of 120ºC. 

Industrial steam generation installation - E&M Combustion

The steam generation system is made up of this mentioned burner, as well as an industrial boiler, a hot air preheater (APH), and a purge cooling system. It also has a Flue Gas Recirculation System (F.G.R.), which allows reducing NOx emissions from the plant. The assembly and commissioning of the installation as a whole has been the responsibility of Soluciones Integrales de Combustión (Integral Combustion Solutions) company.  

Steam generation system. Energy efficiency

All the equipment in the unit is controlled by a digital panel that manages all the equipment, as well as the F.G.R. system to reduce NOx emissions in the paper mill. Flue Gas Recirculation systems  is a powerful nitrogen oxide (NOx) control technique that significantly reduces NOx emissions by recirculating flue gases from the boiler exhaust duct into the main combustion chamber, a process which greatly improves the protection of the environment

The new steam generation installation has registered a performance increase of more than 93%, through the implementation of a hot air preheater. In fact, using the preheater (APH) increases efficiency by up to 4%, even without the need for an economizer.

Innovation in industrial burners

E&M Combustion is an energy engineering focused on the development of new Combustion Technologies to respond to the challenges of industrial facilities. The fundamental pillars of its work philosophy are investment in innovation and R&D. With this objective, the company develops innovative prototypes, and maintains the rapid adaptability of its designs to customer needs, while always seeking the highest energy efficiency and the lowest level of polluting emissions.

The company designs industrial burners with “made to mesure” flame lengths and widths; that is, based on what your customers indicate and this gives you significant added value, unlike standard designs.

Thus, E&M Combustion dedicates its technological effort to the development of increasingly efficient combustion equipment, reducing emissions of polluting particles into the environment without losing energy efficiency. To achieve this, the industrial burners are designed in such a way that highly valued benefits are achieved, such as the reduction in the number of dB, easy accessibility to the burner elements, durability, use of new materials and automatic regulation of the facilities.

Sectors of activity

E&M Combustión uses its knowledge and experience to provide a technical response as a solution to most of the needs that arise in a company. This is especially relevant in the Power Generation, Petrochemical and Refinery, Steel and Metallurgical and Food and Beverages sectors.


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