AeH2 introduces the Report on Hydrogen Projects in Spain 2023

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The Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2) introduces the Report on Hydrogen Projects in Spain 2023, which represent an investment of close to 21,000 million euros until the year 2030, exceeding the Hydrogen Roadmap planned by the Government.

On the interactive map, the Association includes the 123 proposals related to hydrogen technologies under development in Spain, which cover the entire hydrogen value chain and come from 46 associated entities. These proposals registered to date far exceed the planned investment of 8,900 million euros estimated by the Government in the Hydrogen Roadmap between 2020 and 2030, raising the amount to 21,000 million euros. This amount could, however, be higher, since it does not accurately reflect the actual financing, given the confidentiality of some projects.

Of this total investment in hydrogen projects in Spain, 72% will go to hydrogen production, 14% will go to distribution and 14% will go to projects with one or more uses, such as valleys and integrated projects.

According to the report, a singular fact resides in the fact that public financing for the projects registered barely reaches 200 million euros, an amount that represents a small proportion of the total, which represents, according to AeH2, the need to strengthen the public financing mechanisms available for the coming years.

The Hydrogen Roadmap in Spain

Hydrogen projects in Spain 2023 - AeH2 - E&M Combustion

The Association’s census collects Demonstration Projects with a level of technological maturity (TRL 7 or higher), currently active or in development and come from 46 associated entities. Among the projects listed are initiatives currently in the research, development, demonstration, implementation and commercialization phase. All of them are related to production, as well as hydrogen storage, distribution and application projects in different sectors, such as energy, industry, transport and mobility.

The report shows that hydrogen production could finally practically triple the forecasts of the Roadmap by the end of the decade, raising capacity to 11 GW in 2030.

On the other hand, the report indicates that 34% of the registered proposals correspond to “hydrogen valleys” (production of hydrogen used in multiple applications) and integrated projects (production of hydrogen and single use).

The objective of this census prepared by AeH2 is aimed at identifying possible synergies between projects and promoting collaboration between private and public agents, while providing a clear vision of the hydrogen industry in Spain. The report that accompanies the census reveals data on the production of renewable hydrogen in Spain and forecasts a progressive increase in the generation of renewable hydrogen, which implies a clear commitment to decarbonization and the transition towards a more sustainable economy, since 91% of the projects considered have provided for the use of clean energy and some of them will do so through power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Application of hydrogen in industry

Application of Hydrogen in Industry - AeH2 - E&M Combustion

The report points to the application of hydrogen in different industrial sectors. Thus, of the 17 projects analyzed in this field, 67% are directed to the use of hydrogen in oil refining and the petrochemical sector, while 15% are focused on the production of ammonia. The remaining proposals focus on applications in the food industry, glass and ceramics.

For its part, in the area of ​​mobility, 56% of the projects are aimed at road transport, although the number of hydrogen refueling stations contemplated amounts to only 21 with public access, while the objectives of the Roadmap spoke of between 100 and 150 general access stations in 2030.

With regard to storage, the Association’s report includes only one storage project and one of “low capacity for the short term”. And, with regard to the application of hydrogen in the residential area, the census records 6 projects with an installed capacity of approximately 4 MW. It should be noted that only one of these projects contemplates its use as a main activity.

Hydrogen value chain

The activity of E&M Combustion is part of the hydrogen value chain, with the aim of providing a response to the challenges of decarbonization and improvement of energy efficiency of its industrial clients, designing and implementing innovative combustion technologies with the design and manufacture of hydrogen burners or a mixture of different fuels.

To continue advancing along this path, the company develops new R&D projects for the development and manufacture of more efficient and ecological hydrogen combustion systems, through the use of advanced numerical simulations in the design process that allow existing combustion chamber designs to be optimized and pollutant emissions to be reduced.

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