Hydrogen combustion. Interview with Iñigo Béjar, in The Hydrogen Podcast

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Industry is one of those sectors in which Hydrogen Combustion is called to play a fundamental role. In the last pre-holiday broadcast of the technical dissemination media The Hydrogen Podcast, Iñigo Béjar, CEO of E&M Combustión, tells the consultants of this specialized media the details concerning the combustion of hydrogen from the perspective of its extensive experience in technologies industrial combustion, both with alternative fuels and fossil fuels.

The direct combustion of hydrogen will foreseeably be used in industrial processes that require very high temperatures or other specific characteristics, and that today can only be provided by the combustion of fossil fuels, such as natural gas. But that in the future, according to several experts, it can be replaced with hydrogen technologies.

Hydrogen combustion applications in industry

The main applications of hydrogen in industry occur primarily when this fuel is burned in a burner in industrial processes. From high temperatures and furnaces (such as steel mills, foundries, etc.) to low temperatures (such as dryers, boilers, asphalt plants, etc. Also, of course, in engines, turbines or the automotive industry.

In combustion, in any installation where there is a burner and a boiler, the field of application is enormous.

From a technical point of view, the first challenges faced by the industry in its combustion systems for the use of hydrogen occur in valves and pipes that must be dimensioned in cases of blending with a hydrogen percentage lower than 20% on the total, as well as the modifications made to the equipment itself, which must be technically adjusted to the characteristics of this sustainable fuel. With higher percentages of hydrogen or 100% of this fuel, the current systems will not work ……… LISTEN TO THE PODCAST

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