New domestic hydrogen burner

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E&M Combustion introduces a Hydrogen Burner for Domestic applications for use in domestic heating (gyms, schools, hotels or laundries…), as well as in small industrial applications, such as incinerators or mineral drying.

This recently presented new development is a specific burner that works solely with 100% hydrogen, without mixing with other gases. The burner introduced is of low power, with 60 kW, different from the company’s industrial line of hydrogen burners to use in heating systems, crematorium furnaces…

The hydrogen combustion system of this hydrogen burner for domestic applications is made up of the combustion air fan, the air pressure switch, the fan air flow regulation valve, the hydrogen burner itself, the hydrogen bottle, the hydrogen valve, the hydrogen safety and regulation valve block and the control panel. All components are duly certified to operate safely with hydrogen.

We can see that the flame is transparent and around the flame there is an orange part where hydrogen is in contact with oxygen. We see that the flame is very stable and that we can adjust the power perfectly with our control system.

Hydrogen combustion system for domestic applications

The domestic hydrogen combustion system is made up of the following components:

  • Combustion Air Fan
  • Air pressure switch
  • Fan air flow regulation valve
  • Hydrogen burner
  • Safety valve block and hydrogen regulation
  • Control Panel

Decarbonization strategy

E&M Combustión provides advice, design, manufacture and commissioning of Hydrogen Burners and Hydrogen Combustion Systems in power generation plants and industrial processes, consistent with its role as an international benchmark in advanced combustion technologies, and its experience in this area.

Due to their important role in the energy transition, our hydrogen burners are already operating in chemical and petrochemical plants, allowing greater efficiency of the boilers and reducing emissions.

The challenge of transforming the energy model through the use of hydrogen comes to industry to provide new tools to eliminate CO2, which is largely responsible for climate change.

The European Union intends to be neutral in climate terms for the year 2050. In other words, the EU has set itself the goal of having an economy with zero net emissions of greenhouse gases. This goal constitutes the core of the European Green Agreement and is in line with the community commitment to increase global climate action in line with the commitments of the Paris Agreement.

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