E&M Combustión installs four Mixed Burners in an aluminum foundry

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E&M Combustión installs four mixed burners in the continuous furnace of an aluminum foundry, dedicated to the manufacture of molded aluminum parts with a weight range between 0.5 kg and 200 kg.

Mixed burners in an aluminum foundry - E&M Combustion

The modern melting factory facilities have been operational since 2008, have a melting capacity of close to 10,000 t/year and provide technical solutions within the field of aluminum smelting to its customers in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Among the sectors to which they direct their parts are energy, oil and gas, electric and industrial vehicles, industrial applications, engines or railways.

The mixed burners installed are special equipment for high temperature E&M with a power of 600 KW, which will use natural gas and diesel as fuels.

Aluminum melter furnace - Mixed burner installation - E&M Combustion

Three of the burners will be used in the plant’s melting process, in the melting tower, the furnace dedicated to melting aluminum scrap ingots or pieces. The fourth unit will be used for the maintenance furnace or reverberatory chamber, responsible for preparing and maintaining the molten aluminum to guarantee the stability of the process.

The first phase has been undertaken recently by E&M Combustion, with the commissioning of the equipment running on natural gas. Later, the diesel will be integrated, when stopped.

Mixed burners in an aluminum sand foundry

E&M Combustión installs four Mixed Burners in an aluminum foundry

Sand casting consists of pouring the molten metal into a sand mold, which reproduces a model of the desired piece, and then allowing it to solidify and cool before removing the mold and obtaining the piece. The foundry then goes through a cleaning and inspection process. This is a process that is usually used for metals with high fusion temperatures, such as aluminum, steel, nickel and titanium.

Technical response for every industrial need

E&M Combustión designs and manufactures high-tech industrial burners that adapt to the needs of its clients. The equipment is designed to provide specific solutions in Industrial Combustion processes, for which the company develops Burner Technologies with low polluting emissions that allow, at the same time, significant energy savings.

High temperature burners have numerous applications in the industry that use the heating of vats and in different types of furnaces within the steel and metallurgical sector, in their heat treatment processes, metal fusion or heating of billets, among others. They are also used in the textile, ceramic and glass, food industries and in drying processes using infrared burners, for example in the paper industry.



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