E & M Combustion improves expectatives of an environmental project in China

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Reduction of NOx emissions | Environmental project | Low Nox burner | China E & M Combustion, Spanish engineering specialized in the design and manufacture of combustion equipment and systems for industrial applications, has participated in an environmental project in China, where it has managed a reduction of NOx emissions at the Ji Nan Kuang Shan Heating Co below the required 50 mg of nitrogen oxide (NOx), throw Low Nox burners and Flue Gas Recirculation (F.G.R.) technologies.

In fact, the reduction of NOx emissions results show that the values obtained were kept below 30 mg NOX, which opens to tender critical contracts in the country. E & M Combustion has carried out the environmental improvement of the heating process by installing a Low Nox burner and the application of flue gas recirculation technologies

Ji Nan Kuang Shan Heating Co is a Company located in Jinan, Shandong State. It is one of the 14 heating companies operating in Ji Nan city. It currently has 5 boilers in operation, with a pipeline network of 8.5 square kilometers.

To overcome this environmental project, E & M Combustion has worked with a natural gas boiler in which it has installed a Low NOx burner designed with a specific head, which has finally managed to improve the forecasts and to reduce emissions below 30 mg NOx. Likewise, the company has used Flue Gas Recirculation (F.G.R.) technologies, using a 20% gas recirculation in this application.

“Even though it has a long history, flue gas recirculation technology proves to be highly effective even today for the reduction of NOx emissions in combination with E & M Combustion’s Low Nox burner heads,” says its CEO, Iñigo Béjar. “It is an environmentally sustainable solution that allows us to strengthen the commitment to the conservation of the environment.”

The boiler has a thermal power of 29 MW, with dimensions of the house of 8.7 meters long, 2.1 meters wide and 2.6 meters high. One of the biggest challenges presented by the boiler was that it was very close. Precisely the data of the width of 2.1 meters was one of the challenges that E & M Combustion had to deal with, since normally for this boiler power, more space is needed so that the flames do not hit the sides of the homes.

The values finally reached as measured by the test were 28 mg / Nm 3 @ 3% of O2 for an oxygen of 1.5% and for about 20% of recirculation. Also the value of CO reached is very low, of 3 p.p.m. In turn, the value of CO, which is the value of the unburned, ie the particles that reduce the efficiency of combustion, is very low in all points tested.

Results of the gas measurement test | Reduction of NOx emissions

“In the analyzes carried out with different percentages of recirculation, we observe that the CO value is always kept very low and at all times the NOx emissions are below 50 mg / Nm3,” says Iñigo Béjar. “Guarantees at this plant meant that all NOx values were below 50 mg / Nm3, but at the highest points and with recirculation of around 20%, we achieved results below 30 mg.”

The values achieved have been certified by the Chinese certification body Ji Nan Jin Hang Environmental Testing Technology Co., which provides air quality measurement equipment and services in the region.

Reduction of NOx emissions: China tackles climate change

The environmental project in which E & M Combustion has participated is part of the Chinese government’s initiative to improve the quality of its air with a reduction of emissions of some of the main pollutants, sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx), about 3% this year, according to the government work report presented a few days ago by Prime Minister Li Keqiang.

In large public projects, China is committed to limiting emissions below 30 mg. of NOx per cubic meter and recommends the conversion of coal to gas in certain plants. The success of the operation is a great opportunity for E & M Combustion to access these programs where there are a very small number of companies that have these technologies, so they are betting to tender projects in this line.

E&M Combustion

E & M Combustion is a Spanish company created in 2004 and specialized in the design and manufacture of industrial burners and heat gas generators with innovative technologies, with low emissions and adapted to the needs of their customers, thus allowing considerable energy savings. It operates mainly in the energy, petrochemical, oil & gas and part of the food sector. The company is present with equipment implanted in more than 30 countries and destines more than 70% of its production to the export.


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