Components of a hydrogen combustion system

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Description of the components of a hydrogen combustion system, with a hydrogen burner developed by E&M Combustion

Description of components of a hydrogen combustion system - E&M Combustion

Components of a hydrogen combustion system

  • Combustion air fan. Responsible for generating combustion air
  • Air pressure switch
  • Fan air flow regulation valve
  • Hydrogen burner. The hydrogen flame is different from gas and diesel flames. It is a fairly transparent flame, through which you can see. There are orange tones in the outer area, which is the area of ​​the flame that comes into contact with the air. It doesn’t radiate much heat. Heat is transmitted more by convection. It is a very stable flame. The hydrogen burner is a piece of equipment in which we can adjust the power simply with our control system.
  • Hydrogen bottle 
  • Hydrogen valve
  • Hydrogen regulation and safety valve block
  • Control panel,which we can adjust using an electronic mechanism

Among the challenges presented by hydrogen combustion systems is the transformation of industrial plants that now operate with natural gas, diesel, fuel oil or coal for use with hydrogen, which requires the development and application of reliable technology from the combustion equipment and installations.

In addition to large industrial plants that incorporate hydrogen combustion systems, with hydrogen burners to reduce or eliminate carbon from their production processes, domestic environments can use hydrogen combustion systems to heat environments, (such as educational centers, gymnasiums, laundries or hotels) and in small industrial applications, such as the use of incinerators or mineral drying.

Due to their relevant role in the energy transition, E&M Combustión’s hydrogen burners are already operating in chemical and petrochemical plants, allowing greater boiler efficiency and reducing emissions. The challenge of transforming the energy model through the use of hydrogen provides the industry with innovative tools that allow the elimination of CO2, and therefore reduce the impact on climate change.

Watch video Hydrogen burner in operation

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