Covid-19: E&M Combustion continues normal production at its plant

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At E&M Combustión we want to send a message of tranquility to our clients, mainly in other countries, and to inform them that to date, and in these hard times we are facing due to the Covid-19, we continue the normal production in our plant and deliveries in time, within the limitations and security measures we have adopted to preserve the health and well-being of all our personnel.

Continua la produccion normal de la planta de E&M Combustion | Quemadores industriales

The normal production of our plant continues and we continue to meet the established deliveries in time, with the dispatch of the first phase of industrial burners for the district heating plant in Poznam, Poland, where they will modernize the Power Plant Karolin heating power plant.

In this way we fulfill our commitment to manufacture and assemble our equipment for this project throughout this year with the aim that the district heating plant can be updated during the coming winter.

Continua la produccion normal de nuestra empresa | Equipos de Combustion | E&M Combustion

E&M Combustion will supply 20 JBD-17,000 LO diesel burners to this project, which will replace the obsolete fuel oil equipment installed now. The renovatec plant will thus contribute to reducing current levels of emissions to the atmosphere to meet the challenge of reducing environmental emissions, while improving the performance of thermal installations. The burners will operate in battery association with two 150 MW thermal superheated water boilers of this plant operated by Veolia Energia Polska.

Battle against coronavirus and climate change

We want to take this opportunity to send a message of hope in the battle against the coronavirus. We are convinced that together we will be able to overcome this attack on the global community, as well as in the successive combats against climate change, which is shaping up to be the next battle to be undertaken by the community. 

E&M Combustion continues normal production at its plant | Combustion Equipment

The challenge of keeping our advanced civilization, with our lifestyle full of prosperity and well-being, need to fight at the same time the climate change, one of the greatest challenges that threatens the planet in recent times.

The response to this environmental challenge will depend on the collective contribution of all agents. At E&M Combustion we do our bit by developing the latest generation of combustion equipment, which allows us to obtain high energy efficiency and the reduction of  CO2 and NOx. Our R&D department continues to investigate with determination to continue increasing this reduction in emissions produced by our daily activities.

We would like to expressly thank our staff for their efforts in maintaining the plant’s activity and support services, as well as our suppliers and the clients who entrust us with the technological improvements of their plants to become more competitives, consume less energy and minimize emissions of industrial activity.


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