Commissioning of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers in Tokai Cobex Poland

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The engineering company E&M Combustion starts up four Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO) at the Tokai Cobex Polska plant, for which it has supplied four air draught burners, which run on natural gas, as well as eight high temperature burners. Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers - Air Draught Burners- E&M Combustion

Each one of the four Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers that make up the installation is made up of a JVA 30 air draught burner for process air at 400º C, with low outside temperature radiation, and two high temperature 900 Kw burner units,  that operate with natural gas in the RTOs.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

The project is part of an environmental technology facility designed by the Tecam company for this chemical plant in Poland. Regenerative thermal oxidizers are aimed at treating industrial gases. They consist of a chemical reaction aimed at purifying the emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs, a type of compound that is generated in industrial processes in which organic solvents are used and that, due to their degree of danger to public health and the environment, are not can be released into the atmosphere.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (or RTO, for its acronym in English) is the most widespread oxidation technique currently in the reduction of emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds and is indicated to treat a wide variety of solvents and processes.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) treatment - E&M Combustion

Among the advantages of this environmental technology is its adaptability to low, medium and high airflows and its impact on a wide variety of volatile organic compounds or VOCs. It has a low operating and maintenance cost and high thermal efficiency. In addition, it does not produce any type of waste and recovers the energy generated for external processes.

Tokai Cobex Polska is a global company specialized in the manufacture of high quality carbon products, such as cathode blocks used in aluminum production, carbon electrodes and Söderberg pastes used in other metallurgical melting processes, as well as coatings for high furnaces for the production of pig iron.

Air Draught Burners

Low outside temperature radiation. Air Draught Burner. E&M Combustion

Air Draught Burners are considered the best solution for drying processes. They are used in multiple applications within the industrial sector when there is direct heating, such as in the case of painting lines, ceramic industry, glass, food industry or direct heating of industrial premises. E&M Combustion designs and manufactures these industrial burners tailored to each application, allowing them to be adapted to the different ducts where they are to be installed.

Air Draught Burners allow a high modulation range and high flame stability and high energy efficiency, and are simple to operate, as they are well suited to working in high temperature and dusty environments.

Youtube. Don´t miss the commissioning of RTO

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