Combustion system in the heat treatment unit at the JPF4 refinery

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E&M Combustión has carried out the installation and commissioning of the combustion system in the heat treatment unit at the JPF4 refinery of KOC, the state-owned Kuwait Oil Company, responsible for exploring, developing and producing the country’s hydrocarbon resources since 1934.

Heat treatment combustion system in refinery - E&M Combustión


In the middle of last year, E&M Combustión was awarded the “custom-made” combustion system for the thermal treatment unit at the Jurassic Park Facilities Project (JPF4) refinery, a project that will begin exploitation shortly, with a planned production of 50,000 barrels. daily of crude oil and a volume of 150 million standard cubic feet per day (Mscf) of gas.

The development project for this unit is led by the Kuwaiti contractor Spetco International Petroleum, responsible for the operation with an investment of close to 500 million dollars. The company will also be responsible for carrying out the operation and maintenance of the facility for a period of five years.

Combustion System

For this project of the thermal treatment unit at the KOC refinery, E&M Combustión has developed a combustion system, equipped with a JBD 1000 burner that in this case operates with natural gas in the hydrocarbon production process, as well as two fans combustion air, installation ducts and safety valves and controls. The equipment is designed to operate in critical areas, subject to the classification of potentially dangerous areas.

For the final installation and start-up of the unit’s combustion system, the company has had the technical assistance of Soluciones Integrales de Combustión.

Combustion system in a petroleum heat treatment unit - KOC- E&M combustión
Combustion system in the heat treatment at a refinery - E&M Combustion
Equipment for oil and gas plants - E&M Combustion

Combustion system in the heat treatment at refinery

The development of the facility known as JPF4 is located near the Sabriyah field, in northern Kuwait. In the aforementioned complex, testing, processing, treatment and handling of fluids from hydrocarbon wells from numerous oil and gas fields will be carried out. These, along with the Sabriyah well, include the Raudhatain, Northwest Raudhatain, Um-Niqa, Dhebi, Bahra and Marrat and Najmah-Sarjelu fields, and other formations of the Jurassic fields.

When the facility is completed, the complex will have the capacity to produce 50,000 barrels per day (bpd) of treated crude oil (Jurassic light oil with a gravity of 40°-50°, according to the classification of the American Petroleum Institute – API), and 150 million standard cubic feet (MScf) per day of light and dehydrated gas.

Additionally, the facility incorporates a water treatment unit and a sulfur recovery unit, as well as associated services and support systems.

Kuwait is tapping Jurassic carbonate deposits in the north of the country to meet growing gas consumption. State-owned company KOC began gas production from its Jurassic sour gas field in May 2008, with the launch of the exploration and production project known as Early Production Facility 50.

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