E & M Combustion installs the combustion equipment of the solar thermal plant in Ashalim, Israel

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Burners of the Ashalim solar thermal power | Combustion Equipment | E & M CombustionE & M Combustion has supplied five combustion equipment for the Ashalim solar thermal power plant in Israel. The company has started the commissioning works of the plant, which will have a capacity of 121 MW and will be fully operational by mid-2018. It is the seventeenth solar thermal plant in which Spanish engineering specialized in innovative combustion technologies participates.

E & M Combustion brings to this project a technical solution aimed at optimizing the combustion process and reducing polluting emissions, with the supply of 5 large industrial burners, as well as with a Flue Gas Recirculation system (F.G.R.).

Ashalim Solar Thermal Power Station is one of the largest global projects of its kind and will become the first solar thermal power plant with Concentrate Solar Power (CSP), a tower technology developed in Israel by GE and its technological partner BrightSource Energy, which will be invested in 1,000 million dollars. The installation will serve 120,000 homes, and will represent an equivalent to 2% of the country’s consumption, thus approaching the country’s goal of producing 10% of energy through renewable energy in 2020. To achieve this, the installation has more than 5,000 Computer-controlled heliostats, or mirrors, that will track the sun on two axes and reflect sunlight in a boiler at the top of a 250-meter tower.

GE is responsible for the engineering, supply and construction (EPC) of the Ashalim solar plant under the turnkey formula, and will also provide operation and maintenance services for a period of 25 years. In turn, its technological partner BrightSource will supply the advanced technology of the plant, which includes the heliostats and the solar field control system. The project will be built and operated by Megalim Solar Power, a newly created company comprising GE, BrightSource and NOY – Infrastructure and Energy Investment Fund, which will sell the plant’s electric power to the government corporation Israel Electricity Corporation.

Start-up of the installation

E & M Combustion is currently carrying out the commissioning work on the cold combustion plant, which will foreseeably continue for the next four or five months, until the hot start-up. The Ashalim solar thermal plant will have 5 large boilers with 25 thermal MW manufactured by the Spanish company Sugimat.

For its part, E & M Combustion has designed and manufactured three industrial burners model JBD-60,000-G, which will operate with natural gas, and two other burners JBD60,000-GLO, which will operate with diesel and natural gas. The five combustion equipment will work with air preheated to 250ºC and with a Flue Gas Recirculation Sytem (F.G.R.) to achieve reducing NOx emissions below 100 mg / Nm3 in the combustion of natural gas.

The use of preheated air in the burners allows to improve the performance of the plant, but at the same time increases the emissions, by increasing the flame temperature. The technical solution provided by the E & M Combustion engineers will counteract the increase in emissions through the implementation of a combustion gas recirculation system (F.G.R.), which optimizes combustion by reducing the flame temperature, reducing it as well the thermal NOx.

Low Nox technology for solar thermal power plants

Solar thermal plants | Power installed in solar thermal power plants | Burners | Combustion Equipment | E&M CombustionE & M Combustion bet from its inception for the development of burners with emissions of pollutants as low as possible, while also betting on their participation in R & D projects, especially in the field of renewable energy as an alternative means of production Of electricity.

Within this field of renewable energies, E & M Combustion has an important presence in the sector of solar thermal plants, in which Spain is one of the pioneering countries in these technologies. Thus, the company has participated so much in the development of plants that combine the technology of tower and field of heliostats, such as the solar plant PS 20 of Sanlúcar la Mayor (second central plant in the world with this type of technology), as well as in the development of plants with HTF technology.

His participation in the project of the solar plant PS 20, has led him to develop a specific burner to work with LNG of 50 MW and with NOx emissions lower than 100 mg / Nm3 and a wide range of modulation of 1:25, what allows to have a great precision in the control of the steam pressure of the installation. The new designs of the JBD-4000 G burner are installed in the Solacor I and II, Helios I and II and Solaben II, II, III and VI plants.

Overall, E & M Combustion has participated to date in a total of 17 solar thermal plants in places such as South Africa, Morocco, Mexico, Israel, Kuwait and Spain. The power installed by the company is 582.5 MW, pending to start up another 140 MW, which correspond to the thermal power plants of Ashalim, in Israel, and Kuwait.

Burners E & M Combustion

E & M Combustion is a Spanish company created in 2004, located in the Bizkaian site of Bildosola (Artea). It specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial burners and combustion equipment using innovative technologies that allow low pollutant emissions. The equipment is designed and manufactured adapting to the requirements of its customers’ plants and adapting to reduce the use of energy. The company operates mainly in the energy sectors, power generation, petrochemical and refinery, biomass and part of the food and beverages sector. E & M Combustion is present in more than 30 countries and allocates more than 70% of its production to export.


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