E&M Combustion supplies equipment for a power generation plant in Texas, USA

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Thermal engineering company E&M Combustión has developed the combustion equipment for the Oak Grove Steam Electric Station coal-fired power generation plant, located in Texas (United States), which has a capacity of 1,795 MW.

Combustion equipment for a power generation plant in Texas - E&M Combustion

Power generation plant

The combustion equipment developed by E&M Combustion for the power generation plant will be used in the installation of the aggregate mill that the electric company is starting up. The project is part of a lignite ash recovery and compaction project. Thus, said ash will have a second life and will become a raw material for construction uses, soil filling, compost and fertilizers, to which it will provide qualities of greater hardness.

The new aggregate milling line will also allow the redesign of the facility to improve efficiency and environmental protection, as well as reduce the volume of waste generated and polluting emissions.

E&M Combustion industrial burners in an electricity power generation plant

For this purpose, E&M Combustion has designed and manufactured two JBM-HP compact burners, capable of overcoming high overpressures in the combustion chamber, which will work with natural gas as fuel and will make it possible to compact the ash. The equipment has low NOx emissions and incorporates a silencer in the air intake of the fan in order to reduce the level of noise generated.

E&M Combustión has carried out the design and construction of the two combustion equipment, and is currently in the start-up and start-up phase of the installation, whose work has been awarded to the company Soluciones Integrales de Combustión. Provisionally, the plant uses the natural gas provided through specific trucks, until the connection of the pipeline to the natural gas distribution line is completed.

A technical solution for each industrial combustion need

E&M Combustion is a Spanish engineering company that designs and manufactures industrial burners aimed at providing a technical response and specific solutions for combustion processes in various industrial sectors. The wide range of burners and combustion systems that it offers allows it to provide a technical response as a solution to most of the needs that arise in a company, especially relevant in the power generation, oil and gas, steel and metallurgical sectors.



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