Business trip to the Oil and Gas sectors of the United Arab Emirates

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Business trip to companies in the Oil and Gas sectors of the United Arab Emirates. Our colleagues Iñigo Béjar and Ashish Halageri, CEO of E&M Combustion and Commercial Director of the Indian Subcontinent, respectively, have made a business trip to companies in the Oil and Gas sectors of the United Arab Emirates in recent days, with whom they have met carried out operations to improve the extraction processes.

During the business trip to companies in the oil and gas sectors of the United Arab Emirates, our colleagues have had meetings mainly with agents from these sectors, with whom they have regular meetings and who are interested in combustion equipment that facilitates the extraction of crude oil, such as Heat Treaters, Hot Oil circulation Units, Thermal Oil Units and Indirect Bath Heaters or FPSO systems.

With this objective, they have maintained contacts with very representative companies in this industry, among which are “Oil and Gas Process Package Manufacturers”, linked to improvement in efficiency and performance optimization in upstream, midstream and downstream processes. Exploration in ultra-deep waters, work with high temperatures and pressures, requires an Oil and Gas Value Chain marked by innovation and increasingly demanding technologies to respond to the growing challenges that arise.

It should be noted that gas processing, for example, relies on conditioning and heating applications to ensure that the gas remains clean, acid-free, and temperature-controlled. In this way, the gas industry relies on heating systems to maintain the correct viscosity of petrochemical materials when they are subjected to processes in conditions of extreme temperatures.

UAE Profile in Oil and Gas - Business trip to United Arab Emirates - E&M Combustion

UAE profile in Oil and Gas

The United Arab Emirates is a Federation of the Arabian Peninsula made up of seven states with high political and economic autonomy: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al-Jaima, Umm Al Qaywain, Fujairah, Sharjah and Ajman, with Dubai as the most populous city. Oil is the main source of income and the essential component of its GDP.

From the 74% of GDP represented by oil and gas in the 1980s, the percentage has progressively decreased to 25% of its current GDP, motivated by economic diversification efforts, which the Federation continues to deepen today. However, this oil and gas sector continues to be of great importance, with the seventh place in the world in terms of total reserves.

After several years of reduced investment in the oil and gas sector, the industry is now preparing to tackle new projects that will require updating to meet market demand. The United Arab Emirates has been able to maintain its proven reserves over the past decade thanks to enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies, which have increased the rate of extraction from mature oil projects. These technologies, along with higher oil prices, are expanding commercially viable reserves.

E&M Combustion Technologies in Oil and Gas

E&M Technologies Combustion in Oil and Gas

In the oil and gas area, E&M Combustión contributes to the development of Innovative Combustion Technologies with specific solutions for each industrial process. In addition to being an international benchmark in ATEX burners (ATmospheres EXplosives), specially designed to be installed in areas with anti-explosive classification, the company offers the application of its combustion equipment in Hot Oil Unit (HOU) processes, Indirect Bath Heaters (IDBH), Mobile Steam Generation Systems, mobile steam systems to improve the oil extraction process and Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO), floating units in charge of receiving the production of the drilling platforms for its processing and the storage of the product before its unloading in the terminals or shuttle vessels. Floating units are more easily installed than other types of fixed structures located on the seabed, which is why they are used in deep waters by the offshore oil and gas industry.



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