Commissioning of 28 ATEX burners in four ONGC refineries in India

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E&M Combustion engineering company begins the commissioning of the 28 ATEX burners for Indian refineries of the state-owned Oil &Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), which will operate in the Gujarat Project, in Mehsana. This is the company’s largest onshore asset, with 1,552 operating oil and gas wells, producing 6,000 tons of oil and 530,000 cubic meters of gas per day in this area. The equipment will run on Indirect Bath Heaters, used in various heating applications to reduce oil viscosity and optimize the process fluidity, and will be installed in oil plants close to oil extraction wells.

Indirect Bath Heaters. ATEX Burners. E&M Combustion

These combustion equipment are intended to optimize the production capacity of the oil industry undertaken by India. They have been designed and manufactured “to measure” by E&M Combustion, according to the requirements of zone 1, according to the ATEX Directive, ATmosphere EXplosive, which describes the type of equipment allowed to work in an explosive atmosphere zone, aimed at protecting workers from explosion hazards. Zone 1 corresponds to those places where the explosive atmosphere is a mixture consisting of air or dangerous substances in the form of gases, vapors or mist as a normal operation.

The delivery and start-up of these burners continue at the expected rate with the aim of being operational by the beginning of next year 2021, although the effect of the pandemic could slightly delay this schedule. All combustion equipment is manufactured to order, according to the requirements of the function of each burner. Features vary and capacities range from 1.2 MW to 9 MW of power.

Indirect Bath Heaters for refineries. ATEX Burners. E&M Combustion

ATEX burners for Indian refineries

Within this area of ​​design and manufacturing for oil plants, E&M Combustión has delivered ATEX burners for other oil and gas projects in India, among which are equipment for the ONGC´S Haryana Project, in Madanum, and another two units for Cairn India. The first one will be installed in the NE Development area in the Rajasthan region, and the second one in the SNF project in Mangalam Asset.

Ashish Halageri, India Commercial Director notes: “We are focused to cater to this market and offer our customized unique burner solutions to many a process package players. Hoping to turn the tide to pre-COVID levels and make inroads into the market. The COVID situation has impacted and hindered all the decision making. The Govt is putting full effort to revive the economy. Nevertheless. However, as we fall in Capital intensive segment the things will be a bit slow than the usual. On the other hand, the global situation in the oil and gas industry is quite disappointing. The demand for oil and gas will define the way forward for many players in this market, “he adds.

Youtube. Combustion Equipment at ONGC refineries (India)


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