ATEX burners for areas with explosion-proof classification

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ATEX equipment for explosion-proof rating | ATEX and NEC burners | E&M Combustion
ATEX Burners. E&M Combustion has developed in recent years special industrial burners designs for installation in areas with explosion-proof rating, both for ATEX (Explosive Atmosphere ) and NEC.

This type of ATEX burners is practically mandatory use in industries such as refineries, petrochemical plants, power generation plants , etc.

The specialization of E & M Combustion in the design of this equipment makes us one of the most competitive companies in the market in ATEX burner , with great experience and guarantee for such fabrications.

ATEX designs for burners incorporate the advantages of standard equipment , adding components and designs suitable for every application and concrete plant.

  • Monoblock burners from 1000-25000 KW
  • Duoblock burners from 1000-85000 KW

ATEX burner EExd zone 2 | combined cycle plant in Latvia | Industrial burners | E&M CombustionATEX Zone Definition

ATEX is called a series of European directives governing hazardous and also regulate the measures to ensure security and prevent an explosion.

Explosive atmospheres are given in terms of :

a) Presence of fuel
b ) Existence of oxidant (oxygen )
c ) An energy source to initiate the reaction

The equipments have a category depending on the level of protection provided. The Category 1 (very high protection) are installed in Zone 0, the one with constant explosive potential; the category 2 (high protection) in Zone 1, the one with potentially explosive atmosphere; and category 3 (normal protection) in Zone 2, one that is not normally explosive, but it is in short periods.

These assumptions require either intrinsically safe or explosion proof increased safety.

 ATEX burners | gas processing plant Pemex | Mexico | industrial burners | E&M Combustion          Burner for NEC zone | Baiji power station | Iraq | Industrial burners | E&M Combustion

Special features ATEX Burners

Once the customer defines the type and characteristics ATEX burners Zone, E & M Combustion design and manufacture burners, so that the equipments made are appropriate.

Although increasingly manufacturing ATEX and NEC equipment is more widespread, few companies are capable of manufacturing burners based on specific customer requirements with regard to the definition of hazardous areas.

E & M Combustion is a leading and competitive company in this area and it is able to manufacture customized equipment, in a relatively short time, considering the different possibilities offered by NEC and ATEX standards with attractive prices for the customer.

Solutions and equipment for ATEX Zone



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