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Air vein burner for aluminum slag treatment

Posted on: 11 / 05 / 2021 | 0 Comentarios | Tags: , , , , , ,

E&M Combustion installs an air vein burner to treat aluminum slag in a waste recycling plant and recovery of its components. The equipment supplied by Spanish engineering company, specialized in the generation of Combustion Technologies, will be used to dry the aluminum powder by evaporation, a process that entails the consequent environmental improvement of the plant.

Air vein burner for aluminum slag treatment - E&M Combustion

In this project, E&M Combustión has implemented a JVA-C 4200 air vein burner, with fan and channel, which will operate with natural gas as fuel. The combustion equipment will allow the continual improvement process undertaken at the facility to continue, through the treatment of aluminum oxide – known as paval – generated in the aluminum waste recycling processes. The air vein system is specifically designed by the company for drying the paval, which will allow, at the same time, to minimize gas emissions from this process.

Reduction of emissions in aluminum slag treatment

The owner company has selected this aluminum slag treatment procedure over other processes also considered among the “Best Available Techniques (BAT)”, with the aim of minimizing emissions and ammonia clouds caused by certain atmospheric conditions.

Aluminum waste recycling plant - Air vein burner for treating aluminum slag- E&M Combustion

The saline slag is obtained as a consequence of the use of salt during the melting process to avoid the unwanted oxidation of the liquid aluminum inside the furnaces. Said saline slag is completely recycled and recovered, becoming paval, an element of use in cement plants. In this way, the circle of the recovery of aluminum waste is closed.

The aluminum refinery is an eco-industrial activity, which includes the recycling, recovery and valorization of waste from the aluminum industry. The aluminum recycling process allows the recovery of free metal from all the materials it processes, providing an alternative to primary type aluminum and the high energy consumption required to obtain it. It is a more sustainable source of obtaining metals compared to mining extraction, and it contributes to prolonging the rate of depletion of the planet’s natural resources. The company that owns the plant focuses its activities on the production of aluminum alloys for the molding of injected parts for the automotive, household appliances and construction sectors.

Areas of application for air vein burners

Air vein burners have multiple applications for combustion in the industrial sector. They are used as a priority in those processes in which direct heating is required, that is, where there is a mixture of products from combustion with primary air. They are applied above all in drying processes of different products, such as painting lines, ceramic industry, food industry, glass industry and process air recirculation facilities.

Air vein burners have a series of advantages compared to conventional ones in this type of mentioned applications, since they have a high modulation range, have a very stable flame and are well adapted to working in dusty and high-temperature environments.  This system also makes it possible to eliminate the combustion chamber and they are made to measure for each application.



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