A technical solution for each industrial need

E&M Combustion manufactures and markets Industrial Burners, with the overriding aim being to provide customised technical solution for industrial combustion processes. The wide range of burners we offer enables us to respond to most of the needs arising in a company, specially in the energy, oil & gas, steel and metal-working sectors.

Technical solution | Industrial burners | E&M CombustionBesides the use of traditional fuels, E&M Combustion undertakes its own designs of industrial burners in order to adapt to the ever more frequent cases in which the energy resource used involves lean gases, recycled oils and other types of alternative fuels. Our designs also consider the possibility that a single burner may be used for several types of fuels.

E&M Combustión develops Combustion Equipment with wholly innovative and cutting-edge designs, creating a highly attractive product for the end customer. Our technological developments are designed to provide top-drawer know-how in matters of energy efficiency and the reduction in contaminating emissions, contributing to the sustainable development of our environment.

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