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The E&M Combustión, S.L. website is an information service designed to provide the User with information on the company and keep a channel of communication open with customers and the public at large. The use of this service is voluntary and entails acceptance of all these conditions of use. Anyone who accesses the site will be considered a User, and access to the website www.emcombustion.es will hereinafter be referred to as accessing the Web Service for the purpose of stipulating the terms and conditions.

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The User agrees not to use the information published on the Web, Service for unlawful purposes or ends, contrary to the content of these General Terms and Conditions, compromising the rights or interest of third parties, or which in any other way may damage, block, overload or deteriorate the website or the information provided, or impede the normal use or enjoyment of the website by other users.

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E&M Combustión, S.L. reserves the right to proceed at any time, without prior notice, to modify the information and structure of the Web Service, and also reserves the right to suspend or restrict access to it whenever it deems so necessary.


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The use of this Web Service is completely free of charge.


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All information, graphics and design features on the Web Service are the property of E&M Combustión, S.L., with their use by third parties necessarily requiring the permission of E&M Combustión, S.L., otherwise their use is strictly prohibited.

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E&M Combustión, S.L. does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operations of the Web Service, and under no circumstances may it be held liable for whatsoever losses or damages that may be caused by the lack of availability or accessibility regarding the same or links to third parties, or for any interruptions for whatsoever type of technical faults caused by the facilities or services of third parties. Neither does it accept any responsibility for, nor guarantee the absence of, any viruses, information or graphics that may have been posted by unauthorised users or hackers acting in a malicious manner, and under no circumstances shall it be held liable for whatsoever losses or damages of any kind that may be caused by their presence.

The content of the Web Service is owned by E&M Combustión, S.L. and has been professionally compiled, but E&M Combustión, S.L. cannot guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, completeness and/or timeliness of the content of the Web Service, nor can it be held liable for any lack thereof.


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