Studies on energy saving and lower emissions

Consistent with E&M Combustion’s remit to design increasingly more efficient industrial burners and combustion systems, we place ourselves at the customer’s disposal for conducting audits on how for energy saving  at those plants with combustion equipment.
E&M Combustion performs studies on energy saving in order to assess the return on the investment made by installing more efficient burners, as well as equipment for optimising combustion, frequency adjusters for fans, etc. with no commitment on the customer’s part.

Studies on energy saving | Lower emissions | Industrial burners | E&M Combustion

Training and advising

We provide our customers with specific advice through our technicians in the field who understand each project’s requirements. Then we deliver a payment plan for the combustion equipment that in most cases tends to come as a very pleasant surprise.

Record a lower level of emissions

In addition, we provide our customers with our Low NOx technology in order to overhaul and modify their combustion systems so as to record a lower level of emissions, as social awareness of the need to protect and preserve the environment has now become an unavoidable challenge.

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